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REALdocbuilder 1.0a1

Mike Murry is pleased to announce the release of his first REALbasic built
application. REALdocbuilder is a utility for REALbasic developers that
makes it easy to generate HTML documentation for your custom classes.

Just load a XML file of your project into REALdocbuilder, drag and drop all
the methods, events, properties, and constants you want to document, and
fill in the description for each one. When you’re all done, build the HTML
file and you’re documentation is generated for you.

REALdocbuilder can be downloaded from (

I started building this application with a very narrow view of what I
wanted it to do. I wanted an easy way to build documentation for a class I
was building. As I got further into writing it, however, I thought of a lot
of ways to make it do more. With that being said, I consider this
application to be incomplete. It works but I have a vision of it that is
much better than its current form. I’m also not very happy with the
interface. I’m looking for input. What do you want from the application?
What can I can to make it easier to use?

This software and its source code is released under the GPL. You may use
the software or source code for any purpose as long as all code where a
major portion is derived from this code, is also released under the GPL.
The compiled code is free to use without guilt or persecution. If you would
like to contribute to my programming career, however, you can make a
contribution to me through Kagi at

Mike Murry

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