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eMail Alert! 3.0 for Mac OS X


RALEIGH, NC, April 30th, 2002 – Intelli Innovations, developers of
innovative business software for the Macintosh platform, today released a
new version of its popular shareware e-mail notification product eMail
Alert! for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.

eMail Alert! 3.0 has been redesigned from the ground up for Mac OS X,
including a refined user interface with spaced controls, easier message
readability, and a redesigned global alert system. eMail Alert! comes with
22 built-in alert sound effects and a new Mac OS X port of our “yellow
alert” account notifier, allowing e-mail notifications to float over other
running applications while eMail Alert! remains in the background.

eMail Alert! 3.0 works with any computer running Mac OS 10.1 or later.
eMail Alert! 3.0 Classic is available for our customers using Mac OS 9 or
earlier on PowerPC-based systems. eMail Alert! 3.0 is a free upgrade for
users of any previous version.

New 3.0 Screenshot: ( New
Mac OS X Icon: (

Home Page: Download: Classic Version:

About Intelli Innovations: Intelli Innovations, Inc. is a full-service
Macintosh software consulting firm based in Raleigh, NC, specializing in
Internet, data management, and business solutions. The Company also
maintains a commercial product line of Macintosh business and Internet
solutions. Web: (, e-mail: (

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