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InterMapper Monitors Wireless Access Points

For immediate release:

InterMapper Monitors Wireless Access Points

Hanover, NH – April 25, 2002–InterMapper(R) 3.6.1 allows a network manager
to monitor the status of their Apple and Cisco wireless access points.
InterMapper now displays the number of clients associated with a base
station, along with the client name or MAC address and the signal strength
for each client.

This benefits managers who need to know how many clients are using an
access point, or why particular client computers may be seeing poor
performance. Because InterMapper monitors this information continually,
there is no need to invoke a specialized tool to get this information.

In addition to the wireless enhancements, Dartware has added several other
features that extend InterMapper’s utility. These include:

* Authenticated E-mail Notifications. InterMapper can send notifications to
SMTP servers that require authentication.

* Improved Log File. You can now control the interval at which data are
written to chart log files, and values will only be written once per time

* Improved HTTPS probe for Classic. InterMapper uses OpenSSL on the Classic
MacOS to avoid memory leaks and to test servers that use private SSL

* New Probes. New SNMP v2c versions of the Cisco and Basic OID probes.
There are also new probes to test MeetingMaker and VNC servers.

InterMapper 3.6.1 also supports InterMapper Remote(tm), a remote viewer
application that provides a live display of maps of the network via the
Internet. It is no longer necessary to be on-site to see the extent of a
network glitch–network managers, help desk staff and consultants can use
InterMapper Remote to view the operational status of the network from any
off-site location at any time.

The previous release of InterMapper included features such response time
measurements for monitoring ISP service levels, support for SNMPv2C 64-bit
counters, background images for maps and many other features.

InterMapper 3.6.1 is priced by the number of devices being monitored.
Pricing ranges from $1,995 for an unlimited number of devices down to $295
for 10 devices; all licenses include a 60 day support subscription.
Educational discounts are also available. As a special offer, Dartware is
offering a 10% discount on all purchases made through 30 April 2002.

InterMapper 3.6.1 is available now. To learn more about InterMapper or to
download a free demo, please visit our Web site at

About Dartware, LLC
Hanover, NH-based Dartware, LLC develops network monitoring, alerting and
troubleshooting software. Flagship product InterMapper(R), a network
monitoring and alerting tool, was initially developed and implemented at
Dartmouth College to monitor the College’s campus network. The College
began marketing it commercially in July 1996 with great success. In April
2000, Dartmouth College transferred software titles to the newly formed
company. Today, Dartware, LLC offers additional products including
InterMapper Remote, MacPing, SNMP Watcher, Net-SNMP for MacOS X, as well as
selected third-party hardware and software products. Visit Dartware on the
Web at

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