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XEALbc 1.1: The Wildly Popular Math Utility

The La Jolla Underground is pleased to announce XEALbc 1.1, the
second release of the wildly popular math utility. This version adds
support for the most widely requested features from our user base.
These include:

* Optionally saves window state in resource fork (placement,
size, selection, scroll location and pane height)
* Saves popup (input/output bases) and checkbox (math
lib/preprocessor) states
* Default include files (files automatically included before a
* Better preprocessor support (calls cc -E instead of cpp, unless
cc is not available)
* Contact info in the about box
* Help tags for the various controls
* Better path support (default include files and paths)
* Floating help windows for basic bc help

XEALbc is a calculator utility for Mac OS X that goes beyond
simple emulation of a pocket calculator. Sporting a text-editor type
interface with multiple, savable document windows, you can type in
whatever complex equations you desire, and quickly edit what you have
already typed. This is a front-end to the powerful bc command line
tool on Mac OS X, which implements an arbitrary precision numeric
processing language. XEALbc features multiple input and output bases
(2 to 16 for input, 2 to 2,147,483,647 for output), arbitrary
precision operations (scale from 0 to 2,147,483,647), function
declarations (may be recursive) and much more. If the C/C++
preprocessor is installed (included with Apple’s developer tools), you
can use it to handle #define and #include statements for creating
constant values and entire math libraries (some samples

XEALbc is free and can be found at:(u)

Mac OS X required.

Please send any comments to:

XEALbc is made with REALbasic.

Thank you.

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