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UniHelp 1.1 Module for REALbasic

UniHelp 1.1 Module for REALbasic

Cross-Platform HELP Engine for Your REALbasic Applications!

* Parses HTML (IMG) Image Tag.++
* Supports Images, Video and Audio.++
* Enhanced Interface with new History Back, Forward and Home Buttons.
* Improved Copy and Print Support.
* Fixed several minor bugs.

UniHelp 1.1 Download:

UniHelp 1.1 Info & Screen Shots:

This is a ***RECOMMENDED*** update for all UniHelp users.

++ Image and Multimedia support is currently Mac only
with Win32 support coming soon (but 1.1 will still
work on Windows, ignoring image tags, etc.)



Apple Help Viewer, Microsoft HTML Help, WinHelp…. Why waste your precious
development time designing and compiling a different Help system for each
platform when you can easily use UniHelp for all of them?

NO additional plugins or classes needed. Just drag the UniHelp module and
its graphics folder into your REALbasic project, add a few lines of code,
create your external help pages, and that’s it — instant online help for
your compiled REALbasic applications that looks and functions the same on
Classic Mac, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP.

* Displays Both HTML and ASCII Text Files.
* Supports URL Links, Relative Links, Anchors, and Email Links in HTML.
* Parses More Than 20 Standard HTML Tags, including (IMG).
* Supports Images, Video and Audio (Mac Only, Win32 support coming soon).
* Built-in Search Engine.
* Intuitive Hierarchical Listbox Displays Your Help Table of Contents.
* Customizable Icons, Title Bar, Start Page, Contents Sequencing, Font, etc.
* GUI Support for English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and German.
* Small Footprint: Since Your Help Pages are External, only the UniHelp
Module is Compiled with Your RB App.
* Familiar Help-style Interface with Back, Forward, Home, Copy and Print
* Easy to Use & Royalty-Free!

“UniHelp” and “Electric Butterfly” are never mentioned anywhere on the
UniHelp interface, providing you with a full-featured generic Help solution
— your software customers will think you built it yourself!

For only $49.00 US, you can add UniHelp to an unlimited number of REALbasic
applications. UniHelp is ROYALTY-FREE, so you pay only once (per developer)
and then use it in all your REALbasic projects and distribute your compiled
applications with NO additional fees! Convert the Demo version into a
Registered version and receive unlimited e-mail tech support by purchasing
a UniHelp Serial Number at

UniHelp was Made with REALbasic and
Requires REALbasic 3.5.2 or 4.0.2 (untested on other versions).

Created by Electric Butterfly

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