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Valentina Technology Release 1.9 Available

Valentina Technology Release 1.9 Available


April 16, 2002. Beaverton, Oregon. Paradigma Software, makers of the
Valentina line of database products announced the availability of Valentina
Technology Release 1.9, adding significant, new features to all products in
the product line.

All Valentina enabled products will include these new features as well as
the introduction of two new members of the Valentina family of products:

Larger Databases. Now Valentina databases can have files larger than 2 GB.

COMPACT and DEFRAGMENT Commands. These features allows you to reclaim
unused segments in databases, and to remove fragmentation in indexes and
VarChar fields. This represents a significant improvement for storage on
removable media.

DIAGNOSE Command. This allows that status of the database to be checked and
a report produced for individual tables and fields.

BaseObject Encryption. Now base objects can be password encrypted with a
single command.

Smaller, Faster VarChar. The VarChar field now requires 2 bytes less space,
allowing for speed improvements between 5-25%.

Valentina C/Pascal Library Released! This library enables developers using
Pascal and C library compatible environments (such as Borland C++) to
migrate their database applications to a modern database platform.
Purchasers of Valentina C++ SDK will also receive access to the source
files for Valentina C/Pascal library.

Valentina COM Released! Valentina COM 1.9 is released, making Valentina
technology accessible to any COM compatible development environment,
including Microsoft Visual Basic and Borland Delphi.

Other recent improvements to Valentina Technology (release 1.8.10) include
support of Zip compression in BLOB fields and 448 bit Blowfish Encryption.

Valentina database solutions are available for Microsoft Visual C++,
Metrowerks CodeWarrior, Java, COM compatible products (Visual Basic,
Delphi, PowerBuilder), REAL Software’s REALbasic, Macromedia Director,
Purity Software’s WebSiphon and all XCMD compatible products, such as
MetaCard and Apple’s HyperCard. A standalone Valentina application (VAPP)
allows rapid creation and set up of Valentina databases on Mac OS Classic
and Mac OS X systems. Valentina 1.9 benefits come as a free upgrade in for
each Valentina product from Paradigma Software.

Valentina Technology products are available directly from the Paradigma web
site (, or through authorized distributors in
Germany and Italy.

About Paradigma Software

Paradigma Software developed the ultra-fast Valentina database kernel, the
core of its line of database products for designers and developers. Founded
in 1998 by Ruslan Zasukhin, Paradigma Software has teamed with US-based
Proactive International, LLC for international business development. For
additional information, visit the Paradigma Software website at

About Proactive International

Proactive International, an international channel agency, establishes and
expands computer and telecoms distribution channels throughout Asia, Europe
and the Americas, and provides business development services for Paradigma
Software. Proactive specializes in high profile, Japan distribution of
software products. Proactive solutions include channel creation,
multinational partnering and international acquisitions. Proactive
International solutions can be found at


Paradigma Software

Proactive International, LLC

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