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JChecker 3.0.2: HTML Source code Editor with HTML Checker

HTML Source code Editor with HTML Checker
JChecker3.0 Rev3.0.2
File Size 5.0MB

Release date: 04.19.2002
shareware: US$36
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For Classic OS:
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JChecker3.0 is not only an HTML checker but has been reborn as a powerful
HTML source code editor supporting both the Mac OS Classic and OS X
environment. As an HTML checker, JChecker3.0 supports 16 HTML/XHTML
validation dictionaries, auto-generation for DTD dictionaries, auto HTML
error correction, powerful link checking including sub linked pages, and
much more. As a text editor, it inherits powerful editing functions from
its brother Jedit, including regular expression search, AppleScriptability,
and enhanced macro functions. It also supports many original functions such
as a tag editing macro, a tag help macro, and a services menu under OS X.

Hardware Requirement:

* System: MacOS 8.6 or higher. JChecker3.0 is compatible with MacOS 8.6-9.2
and Mac OS X.
* 4MB of RAM is required for JChecker3.0 (System memory is not included).


* Supports both Mac OS Classic and Mac OS X, working as a native Carbon
application under Mac OS X.
* Supports 28 character code sets such as Western, Japanese, Chinese,
Korean, Cyrillic, UTF-8, UTF-16, among others.
* Includes powerful editing functions like: regular expression search,
AppleScripting, a macro menu function, drag & drop, line number display,
HTML coloring, multiple Undo, a context menu, inline Japanese input, and
other functions, each derived from JChecker’s brother “Jedit.”
* Supports powerful tag editing and helper macros which cover HTML4.0
specifications. With these macros being written in AppleScript, you can
easily modify and extend each.
* Checks over sixty different items such as hierarchical relation of tags,
matching end tags, order of tags, types of attribute values and spelling,
all based on the
HTML dictionary you specify. JChecker supports 16 dictionaries such as
HTML2.0, HTML3.2, HTML4.0, XHTML1.0, Compact HTML1.0, and XHTML Basic1.0
* Checks existence of linked pages or files, supporting both remote and
local link checking. JChecker also supports root and branch checking which
checks all pages linked to the root page.
* Supports auto correction of 20 different HTML errors. JChecker corrects
simple errors automatically.
* Supports beautifying of HTML text. Beautifying lets you determine the
amount of indentation related to tag hierarchy, or the deletion of line feed
codes. In the beautifying Preferences, you can set beautifying options for
each type of tag.
* Supports minimizing HTML texts. Minimizing can reduce the size of HTML
texts by stripping needless spaces, tabs, and line breaks.
* Includes an application “DtdToDic” which automatically generates the
JChecker dictionary from the DTD. For any new DTD, an additional dictionary
menu may be added.
* Supports Browser preview functions. You can preview your HTML with as many
different kinds of browsers as you desire.
* Supports image tag/anchor tag auto-generation, done by dropping an image
file/HTML file icon directly onto the editing window,
* Supports the External Editor Protocol, Ftp-clients such as Interarchy,
NetFinder, Transmit, or Fetch can each be assigned an “Edit with JChecker”
menu command. When you select a file in a remote directory and choose this
command, the file is downloaded and opened in the JChecker window. When you
save the document in JChecker, the file is automatically uploaded back to
the remote machine by the ftp client.
* Compatible with Word Service protocols. JChecker can check HTML documents
in other applications which are compatible with a Word Service such as

Thank you,

Satoshi Matsumoto
Artman21 Inc.

Satoshi Matsumoto (Artman21 Inc.)
TEL/FAX +81-466-24-1028

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