Motorola, RealNetworks, Handspring weigh in with earnings

Motorola this evening reported a first-quarter loss of US$449 million, the company’s fifth consecutive quarterly loss, as revenues plunged 21 percent to $6.02 billion. Motorola’s Semiconductor Products Segment, responsible for the PowerPC processor, posted an operating loss of $226 million. Meanwhile, RealNetworks posted a first-quarter profit of about $1 million, the company’s first profitable quarterly in more than two years. Revenues were down slightly year-over-year at $47.3 million. Finally, handheld maker Handspring yesterday reported a third-quarter loss of $23.7 million as revenues tumbled more than 50 percent year-over-year to $59.7 million. Handspring said it has shipped 47,000 units of its new Treo communicator, which the company also yesterday launched in Australia, although just 13,000 have been sold to customers.

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