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Freakin’ Magic for FileMaker Pro: Accelerate your 4D WebSTAR

Palo Alto, CA

Attention Macintosh Webmasters!

Accelerate your 4D WebSTAR server with FileMaker Pro 100% – 200%, guaranteed!!!

Do you use FileMaker Pro as a backend database for your 4D WebSTAR server?
If yes, are you tired of less than satisfactory performance serving dynamic
web pages to visitors? For better speed do you now use two computers for
WebSTAR and FileMaker Pro when you would rather use just one computer?

Like a miracle, Freakin’ Magic is a Mac OS System Extension that
accelerates the performance of WebSTAR 3.x/4.x and FileMaker Pro 4.x/5.x a
minimum of 100% to 200%, guaranteed!

Warning! You may be “Blown Away” by your web server’s accelerated speed
after installing Freakin’ Magic.

Installation takes just 5 minutes to run the Freakin’ Magic installer,
optionally setup the included Startup AppleScript for FileMaker Pro, and
restart the server computer. In just 5 minutes you can ACCELERATE your web
server a minimum of 100%. Double or even triple the speed that visitors
search a database or add new database records using tools like Lasso,
Tango, or WEBFM.

As the name implies, it’s Freakin’ Magic!

Eric Bickford
Palo Alto, CA 650.274.4652

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