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St. Clair Software Updates Default Folder X


St. Clair Software Updates Default Folder X

(Blacksburg, VA — April 5, 2002) St. Clair Software has released version
1.1 of Default Folder X, its new utility for improving Open and Save
dialogs in Mac OS X.

This update offers numerous enhancements and fixes, including improved
performance, better compatibility, and a number of new options. Delays that
sometimes occurred in file dialogs have been eliminated, keyboard
navigation is more consistent, and users can now choose to show icons and
free disk space in Default Folder X’s menus. Compatibility has been
improved with Office X, Tex-Edit, Goldberg, Pando Calendar, and numerous
other applications. All Default Folder X users are encouraged to download
this free update.

Download links and a full list of changes can be found at the following URLs:

Details about Default Folder X 1.1 (with download links):

Default Folder X product page:

Direct download:

FTP link to Default Folder X:


Default Folder makes it easier for users to manage files by adding features
and correcting flaws in the Mac OS X file dialogs. It currently supports
Carbon applications such as Office X, Photoshop 7, Acrobat 5, Illustrator
10, Internet Explorer, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, Eudora, GraphicConverter,
BBEdit, AppleWorks, Password Wallet, and FileMaker Pro. Support for Cocoa
applications will be added shortly in a free update.

Among the enhancements Default Folder X makes are:

1. It lets you type. When you type the names of files and folders,
they are correctly selected in the file listing.

2. It shows you where you are. The top menu in a file dialog lists
the active folder and its enclosing folders, just as it did in
Mac OS 9.

3. It gives you access to windows you have open in the Finder. A
popup menu gives you a list of all of the windows open in the
Finder. Selecting one from the menu switches the file dialog to
that folder.

4. It quickly takes you to recently used and favorite folders.
You can even assign command keys to your favorites to save more

5. It lets you rename, delete, and get information on files and folders
without leaving the file dialog.

6. It “rebounds” back to the last item that you selected in a folder.

7. It opens folders for you in the Finder. When you really need to
do more with a file or folder, Default Folder X can tell the Finder
to open the folder shown in an Open or Save dialog.

Default Folder X will operate on any Macintosh running Mac OS X version
10.1.2 or higher. It is distributed as shareware, requiring a $34.95
registration fee for use beyond a free 30 day trial period. Registered
Default Folder 3.x users can upgrade to Default Folder X for $19.95.

St. Clair Software, based in Blacksburg, VA, is a privately held company
that has been specializing in utilities and custom software solutions for
the Macintosh since 1988. St. Clair Software can be contacted at: St. Clair
Software, 1230 Halfpenny Lane, Blacksburg, VA 24060, USA;;; fax: 540-552-5898.

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