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DeviceWatcher for InterMapper Improves Network Services Stability


DeviceWatcher for InterMapper helps to improve network services stability

Munich, Germany – April 3rd, 2002. Increasing the reliability of network
services is the goal of the DeviceWatcher for InterMapper Version 1.0,
released today by GeBE Computer & Peripherie GmbH. A plug-in to the
popular InterMapper Software by Dartware, LLC, the software can be used
to extend InterMapper=B4s capabilities to monitor remote servers to
include probing of the free space left on specific disk partitions in
the target machines. The software can be downloaded free of charge, the
company asks for voluntary donations to the ongoing development effort.

“Every server has problems when the disk space runs out.” says Oliver
Breidenbach, GeBE=B4s CEO and the product=B4s architect, “InterMapper does a
great job at monitoring network and service availability. So, why not
use it to prevent problems?” DeviceWatcher for InterMapper extends
InterMapper to be able to monitor available disk space on a target
machine and use InterMapper=B4s unique notification system to initiate
action before the problems lead to downtime.

The product consists of a daemon to be installed on the target machine
and a matching InterMapper Probe file to query the daemon, trigger the
InterMapper notification system and provide feedback about the used disk
space to the user on InterMapper maps. The daemon comes with startup and
installation scripts for Mac OS X and Linux and requires a recent
version of Perl which is usually included in installations of Mac OS X
and Linux.

Although plans for improvements exist, the company relies on the
voluntary contributions through PayPal to finance further development of
this useful tool. “We decided on this system because it was the easiest
to set up” says Oliver Breidenbach, “we are looking forward to see how
it works out. We encourage everyone using the product to contribute, so
that we can increase the usefulness of the product.”

Further information on the product and a download link can be found on

The company is asking for feedback via mail to

InterMapper is a trademark of Dartware, LLC.

GeBE Computer & Peripherie GmbH is based in Munich, Germany. The
Internet Applications and Services business unit focuses on providing
customer specific web based solutions and easy to use desktop and web
applications. Information about the company and its services can be
obtained from its website

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