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SMTP Deux v1.1.0 Released by Deep Sky Technologies


SMTP Deux v1.1.0 Released by Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

First Major Update to 4th Dimension Component

Vero Beach, FL – Saturday, March 30th, 2002: Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.,
today announced the full release of SMTP Deux v1.1.0 for Macintosh and
Windows. SMTP Deux is a 4th Dimension component which provides a complete
implementation of the SMTP protocol. SMTP Deux works on top of the
commercial TCP Deux 4D component, available from Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

With the SMTP Deux component, a 4th Dimension developer has a complete
implementation of the SMTP protocol from within 4D. The protocol relies on
the TCP Deux component for all TCP communication needs, thereby removing
any reliance on current or future TCP plugins which are available for use
in 4D. The implementation of SMTP within the SMTP Deux component also
eliminates long standing bugs and anomalies that have existed in plugin
implementations of the SMTP protocol.

The single greatest feature of SMTP Deux is that it does not use the SMTP
layer within 4D Internet Commands. Over the years, many developers have
encountered different bugs and anomalies within the SMTP implementation of
4D Internet Commands. SMTP Deux uses the routines within the TCP Deux
component package for all TCP communications, which themselves only use the
TCP layer within 4D Internet Commands when that plugin is in use. So, most
if not all errors which 4D developers experience when sending email with 4D
Internet Commands are removed when using SMTP Deux.

As well, SMTP Deux provides a full and complete implementation of the SMTP
protocol. So, for those developers using either version of Internet ToolKit
and experiencing difficulty setting up their own email sending routines,
there is no longer any need to go through this hassle. SMTP Deux provides
you with successive email sending routines so that you can choose the
implementation that works best for your email sending needs.

SMTP Deux includes full compatibility with SMTP AUTH, authenticated login
for SMTP servers. When enabled, SMTP Deux will choose the most secure means
supported by the SMTP server to login. This includes CRAM-MD5, NTLM, Login,
and Plain SMTP AUTH mechanisms. SMTP Deux is the only solution currently
available for 4D developers that has full support for SMTP AUTH.

A full manual, explaining every call and feature available in SMTP Deux, is
included with the component.

Features in the SMTP Deux component

SMTP Deux provides a complete implementation of the SMTP protocol within
4D. The functionality available in the SMTP Deux component include:

– Simple and direct email sending (e.g. QuickSend);
– Single method access for sending HTML email;
– Full support for one or more attachments;
– Built in attachment encoding for error free operation;
– Full support for SMTP AUTH;
– Full support for NTLM, the proprietary SMTP AUTH scheme commonly
commonly used by Microsoft products;
– Full support for specifying content-type for attachments;
– Full support for specifying content-type of email body
(e.g. for HTML email);
– Complete email header field control;
– Utility routines for formatting and encoding attachments;
– Utility routines for formatting recipients;
– More than two dozen different email header lines supported;
– Custom constants to speed the creation of complex emails;
– Fully cross-platform and native implementation for SMTP protocol.
– Support for 4D v6.8.x under Carbon, providing compatibility with
MacOS 8/9, MacOS X, and Windows 98/2000/NT/XP.

The SMTP Deux component requires the TCP Deux component, version 1.0.1 or
above, be installed to operate properly. TCP Deux is available from Deep
Sky Technologies, Inc., and provides TCP communications functionality
needed for the implementation of the SMTP protocol.

The SMTP Deux component also requires the BASh component, version 1.6.3 or
above, be installed to operate properly. BASh is available from Deep Sky
Technologies, Inc., for free and provides an extensive set of functionality
to any 4D based project.

New Features in v1.1.0

Version 1.1.0 of the SMTP Deux component contains three important feature

First, SMTP Deux now has full support for NTLM authentication with SMTP
servers. NTLM is a common authentication scheme used by Microsoft products.
This moves SMTP Deux further ahead again in offering features not available
anywhere else in the 4D development environment.

Second, new utility routines for sending email have been included. These
two new routines allow for single method access to send email with both
text and HTML content. With a single call now, 4D programmers can send
email in a standards complient format for both text email clients and HTML
email clients.

Third, support for 4D v6.8.x is now available in SMTP Deux. New affix
documents specifically for running under Carbon using 4D v6.8.x are
available with this release of the component.

Pricing and Availability

The SMTP Deux component is available for free to all owners of TCP Deux.
There are no licensing or deployment restrictions of any kind for the SMTP
Deux component.

The SMTP Deux component can be downloaded by following the Downloads link
on the Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., web site, located at:

About Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

Based in Vero Beach, Florida, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., provides
software development, consulting, hosting, and colocation services. Founded
in 1997, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., develops and supports a wide variety
of software development tools and services to aid in the creation of custom
applications and web sites for the Macintosh and Windows platform. For more
information, please visit our web site at .

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