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VINC v1.0 For Mac OS X and Mac OS

Recosoft Corporation of Osaka, Japan, announces the immediate availability
of VINC 1.0, the revolutionary integrated document viewing and converter

VINC (View Navigate & Convert) provides rapid viewing and conversion of
files created in different word processing and graphics software. One can
view and convert MSWord, AppleWorks, HTML, RTF, PNG, JPEG, Photoshop
etc…files. Additionally, VINC supports Japanese-language text contained
in documents and retains the integrity of Japanese-language word processing

VINC solves common document exchange problems encountered as a result of
cross-platform environments, intranets, and the Internet. With VINC, users
can quickly view the text of word processing documents and images of
graphics files without needing the original application it was created in!

VINC is available in the configurations listed below –

VINC v1.0 US$49.00
VINC v1.0 Education Single User License US$39.95
VINC v1.0 Education 10 Pack License US$349.95
VINC v1.0 Education 20 Pack License US$619.00

Details of this press release can be viewed at –

RecoSoft Corporation is headquartered at Osaka, Japan.


RecoSoft Corporation
Osaka, Japan
Japanese URL:
Phone: +81-6-6443-0015 Fax:+81-6-6443-1458

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