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Mergemill 1.5.3 with significant improvements

Mergemill Updated to Version 1.5.3
Recent Updates Deliver Significant Improvements and Fixed Minor Bugs

HONG KONG – March 28, 2002 – Cross Culture Limited today announced the
release of Mergemill 1.5.3, Cross Culture’s versatile content merging, data
formatting and web authoring shareware. The update fixed some minor bugs,
allows more date formats in generated filenames and contents, and further
improves the data formatting workflow.

Mergemill enables the user to quickly and easily generate many web pages
from databases, or reformat database data into readable form for
publishing. Users may also use it to consolidate similar reports for
analysis or process electronic entry or survey forms. Mergemill works by
merging format files (or templates) with content files to generate the
desired output. Its power and versatility come from the use of control tags
that let the user direct the selection, insertion and looping of contents
in producing the output files. Mergemill’s built-in help texts contain all
the essential usage guide. The user may download and freely try out the
software for 30 days/runs.

System Requirements, Pricing and Availability

Mergemill 1.5.3 supports any PC running at least Windows 95. On the Mac it
requires OS 8.6 or above. MacOS X users may run Mergemill in the Classic
environment before the Carbonized version is available. Customers can
purchase Mergemill from the company’s web site (
for US$95 – with the single user license.

Cross Culture Limited provides high-quality database solutions since 1995,
and is committed to bringing the best software tools to users around the

Cross Culture Limited

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