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Alarm Clock Pro 5.2

Subject: Alarm Clock Pro 5.2 — Already!

Hello Everyone,

Well… it is 12:39 am right now and I’m staring at my menubar clock
wondering how the heck we did it, but we did. Alarm Clock Pro has been
updated to version 5.2 and holds some pretty impressive new features and

First off, we’ve added many user requested features like the ability to us=
iTunes playlists for the alarm media. Others include the resume-able Stop
Watch, a decimal based Time Cycle adder, clickable speaker icons to set
volume to maximum or minimum, a silent Ring Beep for those who wish to only
display a text alert, easy to use Internet Audio/Video Stream alarm, and
also the ability to enable or disable To Do List items. However, we’ve done
so much more than this. You’ll just have to download it and see for

Download for Mac OS X:

Download for Mac OS 9:

More Information:


Complete List of Changes since version 5.1 (which was released ten days ago)
=95 New Feature: Enable/disable To Do List items added.
=95 New Feature: Stop Watch now resumes counting after stopped if Start is
pushed again.
=95 New Feature: Ability to play iTunes playlists as an alarm option.
=95 New Feature: Add more defined amounts of time using decimal numbers.
=95 New Feature: Clickable sound icons to adjust sound volume: max or min.
=95 New Feature: Preview Alarm option added to Alarm Modification pop-up men=
=95 New Feature: Internet Stream option added to Ring Type popup menu.
=95 New Feature: Included Silent Ring Beep file (for silent alarms).
=95 Bug Fix: The floating clocks won’t accidentally hide behind the menubar.
=95 Bug Fix: To Do List now supports items with no text.
=95 Bug Fix: Snooze time will now save in preferences.
=95 Enhancement: Timer now uses the proper Ring Type popup menu
=95 Enhancement: Rewrote the Alarm Type (Beep, Video, Audio, etc.) code.
=95 Enhancement: Interface adjustments to conform more so with Aqua (Mac
OS X) guidelines.
=95 Enhancement: Rewrote the Timer code (ability to set for an infinite
amount of time).
=95 Note: New To Do List saving format… you must re-enter your list — sor=

Thank you for your time,
Koingo Software Canada

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