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Remote Control Atomik 3.0


Remote Control Atomik 3.0

New version of TCP-IP XT enables complete remote control of Atomik 3.0 for
automated QuarkXPress-to-XML conversion

LONDON AND ZOETERMEER – February 25, 2002 – Easypress Technologies and
Techno Design today announced support for Atomik 3.0 Developer Edition in
the new version of Techno Design’s remote control automation software,
TCP-IP XT 1.4.

TCP-IP XT is a platform, location, database and development environment
independent scripting command set that supports over 320 commands for
controlling the QuarkXPress user-interface functionality through a remote
TCP/IP connection. The new version includes commands for controlling Atomik
3.0 Developer Edition, thus enabling automated QuarkXPress-to-XML
conversion, remotely, over any TCP/IP connection. Once in XML, content can
easily be published to Web, stored in a database, a content management
system, licensed for additional revenue and more.

“It seemed an obvious thing to do, using TCP-IP XT to drive Atomik 3.0, as
both products are extremely complementary,” said Paul Vallance, Product
Manager for Techno Design’s database publishing solutions. “Validated XML
export will become the standard method of storing and repurposing
information from QuarkXPress, so why not use TCP-IP XT to make this
functionality available over any TCP/IP connection bringing further
integration possibilities and remote control.”

Closer Integration
Atomik 3.0 Developer Edition contains all the functionality of the standard
version of Atomik 3.0 plus tighter third party integration and automation

“The new support for Atomik 3.0 in TCP-IP XT makes a powerful solution for
publishers seeking automated QuarkXPress-to-XML conversion,” said Gavin
Drake, Easypress Technologies Marketing Manager. “Customers, developers and
system integrators now have an additional method of integrating Atomik 3.0
into larger print and web workflows, in this case remote controlling Atomik
using TCP/IP commands.

The Developer Edition of Atomik supports automation and integration through
AppleScript, AutoPilot XT ( and the XTension-to-XTension call
interface. Support for these technologies and products enables Atomik 3.0
Developer Edition to become an integral component of editorial and workflow
systems as well as other 3rd party applications. TCP-IP XT 1.4 is the first
3rd party XTensions software to take advantage of XTension-to-XTension call
interface only weeks after Atomik 3.0 was launched at Seybold New York.

Pricing and availability
Atomik 3.0 Developer Edition is available direct from Easypress
Technologies and Atomik resellers and system integrators worldwide. To
locate your nearest Atomik reseller or system integrator, please visit and see the Atomik “How to Buy” section. The suggested
retail price for Atomik 3.0 Developer Edition is =A314,995, $19,995 or 24,29=
Euro depending on the country of purchase. Multi-user pricing is also

Easypress Technologies is still adding overseas resellers and system
integrators for Atomik. Companies interested in exploring reseller
opportunities should contact Gavin Drake on +44 (0)20 7704 0285 or by email

About Techno Design
Techno Design ( specializes in the development of
computerized applications, extensions or plug-ins for a wide variety of
production processes, and has a broad experience and knowledge in graphics
art industry. Working in close cooperation with graphics art companies,
Techno Design has many facilities to try out new products and techniques in

About Easypress Technologies
Easypress Technologies ( develops easy-to-use, Web-based
tools that empower publishers to create, manage and publish content online
efficiently and profitably. Its flagship products include Atomik – a suite
of software tools for converting QuarkXPress content to XML and Easypress –
a content management system provided on an ASP (Application Service
Provider) basis. The company has an extensive publishing client list
including FT Business, VNU, Roularta Media Group, Haymarket, Paragon
Publishing and Daily Mail Group. Easypress Technologies is based in London,
UK and is privately held.

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