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Bare Bones Software Releases Mailsmith 1.5 for Mac OS X

Bare Bones Software Releases Mailsmith 1.5 for Mac OS X

Bedford, MA — March 25, 2002 — Bare Bones Software today announced the
release and immediate availability of Mailsmith 1.5, an Internet email
client for Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.

“Mailsmith offers an unprecedented degree of flexibility and customization
with very powerful editing, filtering, and searching options,” said Rich
Siegel, President and CEO of Bare Bones Software. “Version 1.5 introduces a
host of new features, including an easy-to-use mailbox filter creation
process, direct reporting of spam via SpamCop, integrated PGP support on
Mac OS 9, and improved OSA (AppleScript) support.”

“With more than 2,500 native Mac OS X applications available, Mac users are
accelerating their transition to the platform to benefit from its
incredible power, stability, and ease-of-use,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s
vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “Mailsmith 1.5 is a
user-friendly email client and we are delighted to have another strong
application created natively for Mac OS X.”

Exceptional Mail Management

Mailsmith 1.5 includes an all-new filter creation process. In one step,
using any mailbox’s info window, a user can define criteria for the
messages to be transferred into that particular mailbox.

“No email client gives me better access to my messages than Mailsmith 1.5.
For processing incoming mail, Mailsmith’s filtering tools are unequaled in
their power and revolutionary in their ease of use,” says William Porter of
Polytrope Solutions and long-time user of Mailsmith and BBEdit.

Mailsmith 1.5 can import messages from Apple Mail, Claris Emailer, and
Qualcomm Eudora, and now also supports drag and drop import of standard
“mbox” format mailboxes.

To reduce the hassle of dealing with spam, Mailsmith now includes a menu
option and filter action, “Report to SpamCop”, which will send a copy of
selected messages to the user’s assigned reporting address. SpamCop
provides a free system for easily reporting unsolicited email to the
originating network’s administrators.

Additional new features include improved message sorting, support for draft
messages, approximate text translation of HTML messages, random signature
support, enhanced contextual menus, multiple POP monitor windows, and the
ability to view image and movie attachments as display windows within

Core Application Improvements

Building on its existing OSA scripting capabilities, Mailsmith has further
evolved to offer object model scripting support for text, as well as
recordability and attachability.

Mailsmith 1.5 also features the “PCRE” (Perl-Compatible Regular Expression)
grep engine. First introduced in BBEdit 6.5, PCRE brings unrivaled power
and flexibility to Mailsmith when using regular expressions to search and
filter email.

This new version also contains a Glossary function, with user- configurable
key bindings, which provides an easy way to insert frequently used text.

Rounding out the list are floating windows, keyboard assignments for
scripts and stationery, and numerous performance and user interface

System Requirements

Mailsmith 1.5 requires Mac OS 9.0 or later, with CarbonLib 1.4 or later
(Mac OS 9.1 or later recommended), and runs natively under Mac OS X
(version 10.1 or later required).

Pricing and Availability

Mailsmith 1.5 has a suggested retail price of US$99. It may be purchased
directly from Bare Bones Software, as well as from many major Macintosh
software resellers. For a partial listing of domestic and international
resellers, visit:


A special discounted price of US$69 is available from now until May 31,
2002 directly from Bare Bones Software. After this time, a cross-upgrade
discount of US$79 will be available to owners of BBEdit, Claris Emailer, or
Qualcomm Eudora Pro; for details please visit the company’s web site at
(, send email to (, or call
(781) 687-0700.

This new version is available immediately for purchase and download
directly from Bare Bones Software. CD-ROM packages will be available for
shipment within 2-3 weeks; for more information on estimated shipment
times, visit the Bare Bones Software web site.

Upgrades from Previous Versions

All registered owners of Mailsmith version 1.0 and later are eligible to
upgrade to Mailsmith 1.5 for US$39 plus shipping and handling (S&H not
applicable for download orders), by ordering directly from Bare Bones
Software. This version upgrade offer is not available through resellers.

Anyone who purchased Mailsmith 1.1 on or after 01/01/2002 is eligible for a
free upgrade, and all currently registered customers who purchased from
Bare Bones Software on or after that date will automatically be sent free
upgrades starting within the next 2 to 3 weeks. Please visit the company’s
web site at ( for instructions on
how to receive a free upgrade if Mailsmith was purchased from a reseller.

About Bare Bones Software, Inc.

Bare Bones Software, Inc., incorporated in 1994, is a privately-held
corporation based in Bedford, MA. Mailsmith is part of their expanding
product family, which is led by BBEdit, the premier HTML and text editor
for Macintosh. For more information, visit ( or
send email to (

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