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Web Page Calendar Maker 1.0

Web Page Calendar Maker 1.0 by Creative Computer Solutions

Creating monthly web page calendars for your site just got easier with Web
Page Calendar Maker 1.0 by Creative Computer Solutions! With this program,
you can easily type in your events for each day of a chosen month and it
will generate all of the necessary web page code for you. No more designing
tables in your web page editor or in code– it does it for you! Pick any
month from any year, past or present and it will write and save the code
for you. It works in OS 7-9 and X, too (thanks to REALbasic)!

Web Page Calendar Maker’s Main Features:
* Insert links, popup links, images, and bullets
* Choose your own colors, fonts, and alignments
* Pick from an assortment of color schemes, with additional schemes available
* Headers and footers can be added (if you know HTML)
* Contains the names of months and days in several different languages
* Weeks can begin on a Sunday or Monday

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