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Revolutionary New =?iso-8859-1?Q?Sibelius=AE?= 2 Music Notation Software

Revolutionary New Sibelius=AE 2 Music Notation Software Launched
for Mac OS X

Walnut Creek, Calif., March 13, 2002 – The Sibelius=AE Group, developer of
market-leading music software, today launched Sibelius 2, the revolutionary
new version of the world’s fastest-selling music notation software program,
for Mac OS X, Apple’s powerful, UNIX-based operating system. Sibelius 2 is
the first music notation program to leverage Mac OS X’s advanced

“Sibelius is more elegant and beautiful than ever, with a new look which
complements Mac OS X’s stunning Aqua interface,” said Ben Finn, CEO of The
Sibelius Group. “Sibelius 2 for Mac OS X represents our continued
commitment to meeting the requirements of music educators, students, and
professional composers using Macintosh computers. Users will be amazed at
all the new features that have made Sibelius easier to use than ever.”

“Mac OS X delivers an incredibly powerful and intuitive environment for
users to listen to and create music,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice
president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “Sibelius 2 is a valuable music
notation application and we’re delighted to have their support for Mac OS

Faster and easier to create music using Arrange=81 Sibelius 2 for Mac OS X
integrates more than 200 new features and robust feature enhancements,
making it one of the significant upgrades of any software ever. Among its
groundbreaking new product features is Arrange, a function that enables the
use of artificial intelligence to arrange and orchestrate music
automatically. Sibelius 2 for Mac OS X is the first commercial program
capable of such power. Arrange was partly designed by Sibelius user Michael
Price, whose orchestration credits include the recent Steven Spielberg/Tom
Hanks HBO special, “Band of Brothers.”

Sibelius 2’s Arrange feature dramatically reduces the time it takes to
produce arrangements and orchestrations for any ensemble. For example,
Arrange enables users to rapidly orchestrate a complete piano piece for
concert band. This feature saves hours of time for composers, arrangers and
educators, and is ideal for students learning instrumental writing.

Faster Music Input and Improved Playback Note input has been reengineered
and is now significantly faster. Users can now use almost every feature of
Sibelius – including copying and pasting, and moving lines and staves –
without ever touching the mouse. Playback is even more natural and
realistic with enhanced Rubato=81 and Rhythmic Feel =81, which adds
human-sounding playback to music.

Graphics and Color
With Sibelius 2 for Mac OS X, it is now easy to import color graphics into
the music. Users can create professional looking covers or add color
graphics to worksheets. It is easy to color notes according to their pitch,
which is great for teaching note names to beginners or color according to
voice to make music easier to read. Users can also highlight areas of a
score, e.g. for marking up sketches, marking coursework, and highlighting
tricky passages to practice.

PhotoScore=E4 Professional 2 Launched for Mac OS X The Sibelius=AE Group als=
announced today the launch of PhotoScore Professional 2 for Mac OS X; an
improved version of the optical music recognition software developed by
Neuratron=AE that allows users to scan printed music into Sibelius 2 softwar=

Neuratron PhotoScore Professional 2 is the advanced version of the
PhotoScore Lite scanning program that is provided free with Sibelius 2.
PhotoScore Professional 2 scans and reads music faster, and with greater
accuracy than PhotoScore Lite. Once music is scanned, read and sent to
Sibelius, it becomes a fully editable Sibelius file that can be transposed,
re-arranged, played back and printed.

For pricing information, please contact Sibelius USA at phone (925)
280-0600 or via email at

About Sibelius
The Sibelius Group is based in Cambridge, England with offices in London.
Its U.S. subsidiary, Sibelius USA, Inc., is located at 1407 Oakland Blvd.,
Suite 300, Walnut Creek, California, 94596 and has offices in Baltimore,
Chicago, Dallas and Nashville. Sibelius products are available worldwide in
more than 100 countries. For more information, contact Sibelius USA at
phone (925) 280-0600; fax (925) 280-0008; on the Web at;
or via e-mail at

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