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Rage Software & DerazSoft Release WebDesign 1.5


Rage Software & DerazSoft release WebDesign 1.5

Toronto, Ontario – March 13, 2002 – Rage Software & Derazsoft announced
today, the immediate availability of WebDesign 1.5. The latest version of
the proffesional web development application for the Macintosh platform.

WebDesign is a unique Macintosh web development tool offering many features
not found in standard HTML editors. WebDesign allows you to visually create
HTML elements including forms and image maps and insert them into your

WebDesign allows you to see and edit the actual HTML code giving you
complete control over your web page design. It allows you to edit tag
attributes and values using its built in tag attribute editor and drag and
drop tools pallet. The built in file browser and FTP navigator give you
extended organization over your full web site.

Extend WebDesign’s features through the use of plugins and language
extensions. WebDesign’s Plugin Maker allows users, even users with no
programming experience, to design and develop unique plugins for the
WebDesign application adding an extended feature set to WebDesign.

New in WebDesign 1.5

WebDesign 1.5 includes an improved Mac OS X experience including; sheets,
scrollwheel support, live resizing and support for long file names.
Interface enhancements include a redesigned preferences window, toolbar and
tools pallet.

WebDesign 1.5 also includes a much improved attribute editor, allowing the
ability to edit every single HTML attribute from CSS to javascript and
providing a much easier method of inputing tag values. The choice between
using relative or absolute paths has also been implemented in this new

Pricing & Availability

The prices for WebDesign are as follows;

Standard Single User License $29.95
Competitive Upgrade Offer $20.95 (Further Details Below)
10-49 Licenses – $24.95 US/unit
50+ Licenses – $20.95 US/unit

Volume discounts are available. Visit Rage Software’s online store for
further details.

With the release of WebDesign 1.5, Rage Software and DerazSoft are now
providing a competitive upgrade offer for registered users of PageSpinner
3.0 or later.

You can take advantage of this offer by visiting Rage Software’s online
store at the link below.

WebDesign can be purchased safely and securely through the Rage Software
online store at;

WebDesign can be downloaded from the Rage Software web site at;

Additional Information

More information about WebDesign including additional plugins can be found at;

The WebDesign FAQs can be viewed at;

About Rage Software

Founded in 1999, Rage Software has been providing quality Macintosh
software including a wide range of file management tools and web authoring
products. Rage Software aims to provide useful and time saving applications
to Mac users at an affordable price.

Rage Software is the author of many popular Macintosh utilities including
WebDesign, Macintosh Explorer, Invisible Finder and CSM Maker. More
information can be found about these products at Rage Software’s products have won many
favorable reviews in major industry publications including MacWorld, Mac
People, Apple Developer Connection News, MACUP, Mac Addict and

About DerazSoft

Derazsoft is a company dedicated to bringing quality software to the
Macintosh community. Along with Rage Software, Derazsoft helped release
WebDesign as one of the most innovative editors of its kind on the market.
Derazsoft continues it’s quest to create software that benefits novices and
professionals alike.

Contact Information

Rage Software
FAX: 1-561-619-7703
1027 Finch W, SUITE 5-30057
North York, Ontario
M3J 2C7

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