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Celcorp Announces Release of Celview=99 for Macintosh=AE Version 3.0

EDMONTON, ALBERTA=97 March 6, 2002=97 Celcorp announced the release of their
latest terminal emulation product, Celview for Macintosh Version 3.0.

The leading product in 5250/3270 terminal emulation for the Macintosh,
Celview 3.0 is the first carbonized 5250/3270 emulator to run on OS X.

Celview 3.0 has a new pricing structure, available at,
which includes volume pricing and competitive upgrade pricing.

Celview 3.0 supports Mac OS 8.1 and later, including Mac OS X. It handles
tn5250e, and tn3270e, which are telnet protocols for communicating with
AS/400, and mainframe computers either directly or thru popular SNA
gateways of IBM and Microsoft, It also performs file transfer via FTP,
IND$FILE and PC Support protocols. In addition it can conveniently print
from the AS/400 or Mainframe.

Printing capabilities include the ability to print data from any AS/400 or
Mainframe application over TCP/IP to a Macintosh computer. IP printing is
functional with hosts supporting the 5250e and 3270e data streams.

Celview for Macintosh AS/400 Edition includes session device naming. With
this feature, a user has the ability to request a specific session name or
printer name from the tn5250 editor. Celview for Macintosh Mainframe
Edition has LU association. This feature enables users with a tn3270
connection to request and assign a specific device name (LU name or network
name) to that connection. Now users are able to associate LU=92s to display
and printer sessions. Celcorp was one of the first to provide LU
Association capabilities for Macintosh emulators

Celview has time saving features: which include Macros, Applescripting=99,
Drag and Drop key mapping, and Customizable on-screen keypads.

A fully functional demo is available from

Celview for Macintosh Version 3.0 is now available from Celcorp, and is
shipping immediately. For more information on product availability,
upgrades, volume pricing, or for your local authorized reseller, contact
Celcorp toll free at (800) 338.8491 or e-mail For further
information regarding the Celview for Macintosh product suite visit

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