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Fourth World Releases WebMerge 1.9.3, Announces Version 2.0


Fourth World Releases WebMerge 1.9.3,
Announces Version 2.0

LOS ANGELES, California – 28 February, 2002 Fourth World today released
WebMerge 1.9.3, a tool for Mac OS and Windows which generates static Web
pages from database files. The new version provides more support for
automatically generating URLs as links, and addresses minor bugs reported
in earlier versions. Fourth World also announced WebMerge 2.0, which will
be available in early April and will be free for registered users of any
earlier version.

WebMerge works with any database or spreadsheet that exports in Merge or
tab-delimited format, including FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access, and
AppleWorks. The user creates a template HTML page with simple place holder
tags, and WebMerge creates a new HTML page from the data in each record of
the exported Merge file. WebMerge can also create an index page with links
to each of the generated pages. Generated pages can be hosted on any Web
server without the need for a specialized database hosting solution.

WebMerge 1.9.3 now provides greater support for automatically generating
links from URLs in exported database fields. WebMerge has an option for
automatically generating URLs beginning with “http:” as clickable links,
and the new version will also render “ftp:”, “news:”, and “mailto:” URLs as
links when that option is set.

“With version 1.9.3, WebMerge has about as many features as we can pack
into the program in its current form,” said Richard Gaskin, President of
Fourth World Media Corporation. “This free update will take good care of
our customers while we continue to add new features in WebMerge 2.0.”

Scheduled for release in early April, WebMerge 2.0 will support a great
many new tags, including conditional IF-THEN expressions, and an INCLUDE
tag to merge the contents of any text or HTML file into a template. The new
interface will provide options for creating multiple index pages, running
automated batches of settings, logging, and other features.

Pricing for WebMerge 2.0 has not been determined at this time, but
registered users of the current version, WebMerge 1.9.3, will be eligible
for a free upgrade to version 2.0 when it becomes available.

WebMerge 1.9.3 is available now at the publisher’s Web site:

A free trial version for each platform can be downloaded from the site. The
trial version will generate only 20 pages from a given set of records.

A single-user license of version 1.9.3 is US$69; multiple license can be
purchased in groups of five or ten at a substantial discount. Paying the
registration fee allows WebMerge to generate an unlimited number of HTML
files. Registered users of any earlier version of WebMerge can upgrade to
version 1.9.3 for free using their current registration code.

WebMerge 1.9.3 requires Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME or Mac OS 8.0 or later, 64
MB total memory, and 5 MB disk space. The Mac version is available for both
Mac OS X and Macintosh Classic.

About Fourth World Media Corporation
Fourth World Media Corporation designs and develops rich-media applications
for all major operating systems and the World Wide Web. Based in downtown
Los Angeles, Fourth World offers more than thirteen years’ experience in
rapid application development, prototyping, usability testing, e-commerce
solutions, workflow automation, and web development.

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