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Pliris is pleased to announce that Firewalk X 2 is now shipping.
 Firewalk X 2 is a full fledged firewall offering additional
features such as blocking specific applications from using the network
and interactive, real-time alerts.  

Application blocking can even be configured on a per user and/or per
IP address basis (including subnets).  Firewall rules can apply
to IP addresses and ports, both destination and source, subnets, port
ranges, incoming and outgoing traffic, and specific devices.
 Each firewall and application rule can be logged and generate
real-time alerts at the user’s choice.  

Firewalk X 2 does not rely on any underlying BSD tools, including Mac
OS X’s own built-in firewall (not a GUI for ipfw).  However,
Firewalk X 2 is completely compatible with the built-in firewall.
 Firewalk X 2 can even switch rule settings when the user changes
locations, automatically.

Firewalk X 2 retails for $49.99US (bulk licensing discounts available)
and is a free upgrade for Firewalk X 1.x license owners.

See for
more information.

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