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IconBuilder Pro 3.1

February 18th, 2002
Iconfactory Press Release – IconBuilder Pro 3.1 Released

The Iconfactory has released an update to its professional Adobe Photoshop
filter for creating Macintosh and Windows based icons, IconBuilder Pro.

IconBuilder Pro 3.1contains several important revisions including:

* Microsoft has released new recommendations for writing .ICO files.
IconBuilder Pro 3.1 has been updated to write Windows icons that follow
these guidelines. The result is better compatibility with both Windows XP
and older versions of the Windows operating system.

* IconBuilder Pro can now read and automatically update icons that have
been written incorrectly by other icon editors.

* Due to the format changes implemented, resource protection is no longer
required for 48×48, 16 color icons.

IconBuilder Pro 3.1 is a free upgrade to registered users and is available
today at The Iconfactory.

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