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Quite Revealing exposes PDF secrets, fixes with one button

Quite Revealing exposes PDF secrets, fixes with one button

LOCHAWE, SCOTLAND, (1, February 2002) – Quite Software’s plug-ins
for Acrobat have always been recognised for their ease of use and
power, saving time and money in a pre-press environment. Now, Quite
Revealing adds a new essential tool to the PDF armoury.

Traditional pre-flight tools are excellent for reporting that PDF
files contain problem elements. RGB colour, excess spot plates,
transfer functions, transparency, TrueType fonts – all these can be
picked up automatically. But in the real world, the story doesn’t
end there. The operator has to uncover the exact causes of the problem
– often pinpoint a single graphic or word in a long document.

Quite Revealing takes over where traditional pre-flight tools give up.
Its revolutionary "side by side" view of the original PDF
and selected elements will speed to the heart of the problem. For
example, the operator can choose to display only RGB data on the right
hand panel, while the left shows the PDF. Both panels are live, and
the user can scroll, zoom, and even edit the original, with the other
view seamlessly tracking.

Viewers are provided for the key problem areas: RGB and spot colours,
halftones, transparency, transfer functions, ICC profiles, fonts, and

Additionally Quite Revealing has built-in one-button actions that make
light work of some of the most common needs in fixing up a file, which
can be difficult or impossible with other tools. Actions available
include renaming, recolouring or combining spot plates, convert spot
to process, remove halftones, apply or remove transfer functions,
remove ICC profiles, or tag files with RGB or CMYK profiles for
high-accuracy colour managed workflows.

All this is centred around a single floating dialog, a control centre
that can be mastered in minutes.

Quite Revealing is entering a public beta trial at the start of
February 2002. Public URL –
)(/span)/ . Scheduled to last 2 months, such trials have been
highly successful with Quite’s previous products to focus on
customer need and to deal with any counterintuitive aspects of the
design. The product is expected to ship 2Q02, for all Macintosh (both
MacOS X and Classic) and Windows systems supported by Acrobat 4 and

Background: Quite Software are a leading independent developer of
pre-press plug-ins for Adobe=AE Acrobat=AE. Based in the Highlands of
Scotland, but selling to a world-wide market, their current products,
Quite Imposing, Quite Imposing Plus, and Quite A Box Of Tricks, are
seen as essential tools in the PDF armoury.

Quite Software Limited, Carraig Thura, Lochawe, Argyll, UK, PA33
phone: +44 20 8553 6574   fax: +44 1631
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mail: (a href=3D””)

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