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Mouseki 2.0.1

Press Release – Mouseki 2.0.1

Release date: 30/1/2002

Black Cat Software is pleased to announce Mouseki 2.0.1, the first onscreen
keyboard for Mac OS, Mac OS X and Windows.

Available immediately for Mac OS (and coming very soon for Windows) Mouseki
allows text input in situations where it isn’t possible to use a keyboard –
be they kiosks or physical impairments such as RSI or disabilities.

The design goal of Mouseki was to Keep It Simple! So there are no special
files you need, no special software to install and no special hardware to
plug in – it even fits on a floppy – Just run it and type into your
favourite application!

A demo of Mouseki can be downloaded from the Black Cat Software web-site.
The full version costs just $15.

Download the demo from:

About the author:
29 year old James Savage, BSc Hons in Business Computer Systems and
Computing, is a dedicated Mac User and experienced programmer. He is a
system administrator and freelance web designer. Mouseki was conceived and
created to speed and simplify his own work and he now offers it to fellow
Mac users around the world.

Further information from:
James Savage

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