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Monkeybreadsoftware REALbasic Plugins 2.2


a new version of the plug-in is released. Have a look!


2.2 – 31. Jan 2002

– Added Process Class
– Added MoviePlayer Class Extension
– Added Movie Class Extension
– Fixed bug in folderitem.drawwideicon
– Added MacClassicSerial Class
– ResPlugin is no weak linked so you don’t need the library file.
– Added ResolutionLibraryPresent method
– Classic plugin now weak linked so it works on older Mac OS versions
– Documentation splited into lot’s of HTML files

PS: This is not a 5 dollar plugin to add just a few functions. It’s a big
plugin with over 300 functions!

PPS: And it’s not that big like it’s looking. 10 plugins for all three
platforms are put into one file to make it easier to handle.

Christian Schmitz

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