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Apple drops on-site service from one-year warranty

With yesterday’s rollout of Apple’s new Power Mac G4 systems, the company has announced it will no longer offer on-site service as part of the one-year warranty for new Power Macs. MacMinute has learned the dramatic change in policy affects only warranties of products announced beginning this year. The previous warranty, which covers products introduced between January 1, 1998 and December 31, 2001, are not affected by this policy change. In addition, products announced during that period but bought in 2002 are not affected. “The baseline service strategy for the Power Mac G4 (QuickSilver 2002) is carry in,” a service bulletin to dealers stated. “On-site service, if available in the customer’s area, is available by purchasing an AppleCare Protection Plan.” The warranty change affects products sold in Canada and the U.S. only; it’s unclear at this point whether it will apply to other geographic regions as well.

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