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Tiff-Sight 1.2.1

Subject: Tiff-Sight 1.2.1 Released

Victoria, BC, Canada — 28 January 2002 — Blue Globe Software is pleased
to announce that version 1.2.1 of Tiff-Sight has been relased. It is
available for immediate download from Blue Globe Software’s web site.

With the increasing popularity of Web based Fax-to-Email services, Mac
users need a simple way to access the Fax files these services create.
Until now, the only tools available were either too expensive, or offered
too many features for the average user. Enter Tiff-Sight. Unlike larger
graphic editing programs, Tiff-Sight can be learned in a few minutes, and
it offers only those feature you really need:

* Anti-aliased text and graphics for easier reading on screen and a
better look overall.
* Streamlined interface: no unnecessary features or buttons
cluttering your view.
* Support for nearly every TIFF and Tiff-based Fax format available.
* Small and fast: uses only 2 Meg of RAM and 1.8 Meg of drive space.
* Full support for viewing, printing, scaling, rotating, and
exporting files.

Not only is Tiff-Sight a great viewer for tiff-based fax and multipage TIFF
files, it is also much less expensive than larger programs. Tiff-Sight is
distributed as shareware and costs $15 (US) for a single-user license.
Site-licenses are available.

This update corrects a file association problem in the Finder under MacOS
X. It is now possible to open a file by dragging it onto the Tiff-Sight
icon in the Finder.

Version 1.2.1 is a Carbon-only application and requires MacOS 8.6 or later
running on a PowerPC-based Machintosh. Users who wish to continue using
Tiff-Sight with older versions of MacOS or on 68k-based machines are
advised to use version 1.1 of Tiff-Sight. Tiff-Sight is fully compatible
with MacOS 9.2, MacOS X, and QuickTime 5, providing advanced features like
Navigation Services, Proportional scroll bars, and Theme support.

For more information, or to download a copy of Tiff-Sight, visit the
Tiff-Sight web page at (

Founded in 1991, Blue Globe Software has been producing high-quality MacOS
shareware for almost a decade. Keys Off, another Blue Globe Software
product, has recevied numerous awards, and is currently used by hundreds of
organizations worldwide.

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