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Power Mac G4, iMac shipping details

While Apple’s new Power Mac G4 systems are “immediately available,” according to the press release, sources with independent dealers and CompUSA tell MacMinute they won’t be getting product until mid-February, as national distributor Ingram Micro is telling dealers they don’t expect new systems until February 12. At the same time, calls to five East Coast Apple Stores reveal a “reasonable number” of new G4 systems will be available at their stores today. “We’ll have enough to handle demand today,” a representative at the Buffalo, NY Apple store said. Apple’s online store is currently noting a one-to-three day estimated ship time for the new systems. Meanwhile, a check of independent dealers and Apple stores reveals that orders for the high-end iMac, which Apple announced had begun shipping today, have yet to arrive, but are expected by the end of the week. “I can’t tell you exactly when, but I feel confident we’ll have a limited number of units by Friday,” a salesman at the Tyson’s Corner, VA Apple store said. Independent dealers are also reporting they expect to receive a small number of units on Thursday from national distributor Ingram Micro. “It’s going to be a trickle, but Ingram’s expects to have us some within three days,” a Pennsylvania-based dealer said.

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