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OpenOSX Ships OpenDB 2.1 CD

OpenOSX Ships OpenDB 2.1 CD

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SWALL MEADOWS, Calif.–(OPENOSX-COM-INC)–Jan. 28th, 2002–, a
leading provider of easy-to-use, world-class open-source software, today
began shipping their OpenDB 2.1 CD.

The OpenDB CD transforms a Macintosh running Mac OS X (10.1.x) into a world
class dynamic Enterprise Intranet server with SQL (structured query
language) backends with web based graphical user interface frontends.

The OpenDB 2.1 CD will install a suite of powerful web and database
applications with the ease that one might expect as a Macintosh user.

OpenOSX’s OpenDB CD installs and perhaps most importantly, correctly
configures the following popular programs. The programs work with Mac OS X

* MySQL 3.23.46
* PostgreSQL 7.1.3
* phpMyAdmin 2.2.2
* phpPgAdmin 2.2.0
* MyODBC 2.50.38
* iODBC 3.0.5
* Apache Web Server 1.3.22
* PHP 4.1.1
* pdf_lib 4.0.1 (demo mode)
* Free Type 2
* GD 1.8.4

The OpenDB CD is bundled with complete documentation in HTML and PDF
formats, limited technical support and completely configured source code
along with de-installation software.

phpMyAdmin/phpPgAdmin are browser-based interfaces that allow you to
accomplish most day-to-day database administration tasks from the comfort
of any browser on the network. phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin offer the
following functionality:

* Import/Export text data into tables, including CSV (Comma Separated Values)

* Create and dump (export) schema of tables, to CSV, or custom

* Create and drop databases

* Create, copy, drop and alter tables

* Delete, edit and add fields

* Manage keys on fields

* Execute SQL-statements, even batch query

* create and read dumps of tables

* administer multiple servers and single databases

MyODBC/iODBC are standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
for accessing information from different database systems and storage

Apache Web Server is the robust, full-featured web server that serves the
majority of the World’s web content.

PHP is an industry-strength cross-platform server-side scripting language,
with which you can easily create and serve dynamically generated web pages.
OpenOSX has built PHP with support for PDF Lib (in demo mode), XML, WDDX,
Regex Library, MySQL and PostgreSQL, Perl Compatible Regular Expressions,
ODBC, GD, FTP, EXIF, CURL, BC Math and ZLib.

PDF_lib allows the creation of dynamic PDF files. PDF_lib enables the
writing, creation and manipulation of PDF files. This version of PDF_lib is
a demo version.

* MySQL is for serving databases on the Internet and enterprise LAN/WANs.
* PostgreSQL is a popular alternative to MySQL.
* WebCalendar is a web based personal calendar.
* FreeType is a software font engine supporting a myriad of font formats,
that is capable of producing high-quality output (glyph images).

The OpenDB CD is shipping immediately for US$30 and 6-Month
CD-Subscriptions are available for US$80.

More information about the OpenOSX OpenDB CD is available electronically on
the World Wide Web at: ( is a company dedicated to serving the Macintosh community. The
CEO of OpenOSX, Jeshua Lacock stated, “As a former professional system
administrator, I realize that many computer users loathe the ‘Unix’
command-line and we are dedicated to bringing popular Unix software to the
Unix-challenged’ and seasoned system administrators alike.

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