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Eridanus Releases Newsgroup Utility, Baker 1.5 for OS X

For Immediate Release

Kendall, Florida, (January 23, 2002) — Eridanus, Inc. Releases Upgrade to
Newsgroup Utility, Baker 1.5 for OS X

Eridanus today released Baker 1.5.0.

Among the enhancements in this release of the OS X utility designed to ease
common newsgroup related activities are:

Configurable Default Folders
In previous releases of Baker, certain files were saved to default folders
inside your Baker folder. For example, after downloading a file, Baker
would save it to the Raw Files folder for further processing by other parts
of the program. Unfortunately, you were not able to specify the location of
the Raw Files folder. It was always created in the same folder as the Baker
application. This same rule was applied to many of the other Baker-created

In Baker 1.5 you are provided a preference that lets you configure where
Baker saves these files. To access the new preference, select
Preferences… from the Baker menu and then click the Default Folders /
Paths tab.

System Throttle
Each Baker document now includes a slider control which increases or
decreases the amount of system resources Baker will request. You can use
this to make your Baker documents run slower or faster. The setting is
saved between session and is configurable on a document-by-document basis.

List Processing Improvements
Baker now provides faster list processing. Users should notice marked
improvement especially when process lists that are larger than 10,000 items.

Baker 1.5 is a free upgrade to current owners.

Unregistered versions of the $30 program are fully functional but will
occasionally display reminders to register.

Baker and the Baker MacOS Help Center Book can be downloaded from the
Eridanus web site:

Eridanus, Inc. has provided consulting services for government agencies,
small companies, and large corporations for over a decade.

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