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TestTrack Pro Server for Mac OS X Now Available

TestTrack Pro Server for Mac OS X Now Available

MASON, Ohio-(BUSINESS WIRE)-January 18, 2002, Seapine Software, Inc., a
leader in defect tracking and software life-cycle management tools, today
announced that it is shipping TestTrack Pro 4.5 for Mac OS X. TestTrack Pro
4.5 gives Macintosh developers an enterprise-level, web-based defect
management solution.

“TestTrack Pro 4.5 for Mac OS X continues the trend of enterprise-level
products migrating to the Mac OS X,” said Richard Riccetti, President of
Seapine Software. “Mac OS X combines the power and reliability of UNIX with
the intuitiveness of the Macintosh. TestTrack Pro 4.5’s core strengths of
ease of use and low maintenance are right at home on Mac OS X.”

TestTrack Pro 4.5 is the leading cross-platform defect management solution
with platform-native server support on Windows, Solaris, Linux, and Mac OS

“As a [Mac OS and OS X] development shop, TestTrack Pro Web on OS X means
minimal disruption to our existing support, development, testing and
communications process,” said Clay Hutcherson, Director of Strategic
Initiatives at FiLogix, Inc. “As a current TestTrack Workgroup user, we are
also benefiting from the additional features TestTrack Pro Web offers.”

“Today, Mac OS X is one of the most exciting and innovative development
platforms, and TestTrack Pro 4.5 is there to perform the critical task of
ensuring the quality of the next generation of Macintosh software,” added
Mr. Riccetti.

About Seapine Software
Seapine Software, Inc., located in Mason, Ohio, was founded to develop
industry-leading solutions in software defect tracking and life-cycle
management. Its scalable, full-featured TestTrack Pro products provide
flexibility and speed unparalleled in the industry, and backed by impeccable
customer support. Over 100,000 users in more than 40 countries use Seapine’s
products. For more information on Seapine Software and its products, please
visit the company on the Web at ( .

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