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Glass Bead Software announces beta of SnapTalk 3 for OS X


Glass Bead Software announces beta of SnapTalk 3 for the OS X and Cross
Platform generation. From Windows to Mac, proprietary chat and file
transfers have never been easier!

Acton, Massachusetts, January , 2001

Come the first week of January a beta version of SnapTalk 3 will be
demonstrated at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. Product release of
SnapTalk 3 is scheduled for March 1st. SnapTalk 3 runs natively on OS X and
will soon be followed by a cross platform version for use between Mac and
Windows machines. =CFThis new version will continue to maintain SnapTalk=CCs
legendary ease-of-use and =CEadministration-free=CC status, but will also
integrate the benefits of OS X=CCs excellent TCP-IP networking,=D3 said Eric
Harris-Braun, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Glass Bead

About SnapTalk: A popular and secure alternative to Internet based chat,
SnapTalk provides proprietary chat and file transfer. Chat reliably and
securely by keeping conversations off the Internet. You can also save your
meetings, attach files, and use instantaneous =ECQuick-Replies=EE to answer
your colleagues with just the click of a mouse!

About Glass Bead Software: Glass Bead Software is dedicated to developing
cost-effective and efficient productivity software for the small office.
For more information please contact: Gaby King, CFO,,
978-263-9956 or visit our web site

Glass Bead Software and SnapMail are trademarks of Glass Bead Software.
Macintosh, MacOS, and OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

Press Contact: Gabrielle King 978-263-9956,

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