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The Free Memory Show

For immediate release:

— Product:
The Free Memory Show

— Version:

— Platform:
Mac OS 8.1 – 9.2.2

— Short Description:
Utility to display free memory and to quit applications.

— Long Description:
The Free Memory Show (TFMS) does three things:
+ Displays the computer’s free memory in a small, unobtrusive floating
+ Notifies you when free memory drops a value that you determine.
+ Helps you regain memory by either quitting all applications or
quitting them one by one, in the reverse order of launch, until
enough memory is free.

— Links:
Please use only this download link! File links will change!!

— License:
The Free Memory Show is “pay-what-you-like-ware”:

— Version Historie for The Free Memory Show 2.3.1:
+ Compatibility for Mac OS 9.2.2.

If you miss any information please contact me at (

christian vick
Am Seeth 16
25436 Uetersen
+49 4122/47879

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