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AustinSoft updates DTerm for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X


AustinSoft updates DTerm for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X

Vancouver, WA – Wednesday, January 2, 2002: AustinSoft today announces the
update of DTerm for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.

DTerm has been updated to support CFM programs under Mac OS X, in addition
to Mach-O programs.

DTerm provides an interface for displaying diagnostic and debugging
information in real-time from your programs. Each program has its own
window, and can intelligently merge the contents of multiple windows into a
single window, showing the interactions between multiple programs. In
addition, DTerm can display the formatted contents of data structures with
a single call.

In addition, DTerm is the first real-time debugging application for Mac OS
X that does not require additional interaction from the developer.

“With the addition of support for CFM programs under Mac OS X, DTerm is now
able to handle all the programs that developers can create,” stated lead
developer Glenn L. Austin. “In addition, we use calls that are interrupt-
and MP-safe, so DTerm should be able to be used for things other than just

DTerm is available for $64 a copy. Volume discounts, educational discounts,
and site licensing are available.

More information and a demonstration version of DTerm can be obtained from
the AustinSoft web site at (

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