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The Omni Group Releases Oni for Mac OS X

The Omni Group Releases Oni for Mac OS X!

December 19, 2001 — Seattle, Washington — Play Oni, the exciting
anime-styled action adventure game, on Mac OS X! Today, The Omni Group
released Oni for Mac OS X. If you currently own a copy of Oni for Mac OS 9,
visit to get this great game up and
running on Mac OS X.

Omni is dedicated to supporting the Mac OS X platform, and porting popular
games to Apple’s new platform is an essential part of Omni’s efforts. Wil
Shipley, Omni President states, “Oni is one of my four favorite games of
all time. I played it all the way through twice, and still want more. If
you haven’t played Oni yet, I highly recommend it. We didn’t make any money
on this port and won’t make any money by having people buy boxed Oni — we
just think it’s a totally great game and we wanted it on OS X. Plus, it was
great experience — it was one of our first ports of a modern
non-Quake-based game (although now we’ve done three of them). Thanks to
GodGames for letting us work on this incredibly fun project. ”

If you haven’t visited Omni’s Games site, come take a look Omni is constantly working on ports of new
and exciting games for Mac OS X, so continue to check back often for new

To date, The Omni Group has ported Doom II, Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2, and
Quake III Arena, Giants Citizen Kabuto, and Oni (because we love it).

Information about The Omni Group:

The Omni Group, founded in 1993, develops Mac OS X applications including
OmniWeb, OmniGraffle, and OmniOutliner; provides Mac OS X based consulting
services such as porting games to Mac OS X; and employs 20 unique
individuals who have all decided that taking a company field trip to the
Lord of the Rings tomorrow, is way more important than conducting our
weekly meeting. Information on The Omni Group is available at

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