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Runtime Labs Announces Release Of MacSQL 2.1


Contact Dan Wald, 917-661-0200 ext 14

NEW YORK – December 10, 2001 – Runtime Labs, a premiere provider of Mac
developer tools, today announced the release and immediate availability of
MacSQL 2.1. MacSQL is a robust solution for database management on the
Macintosh. A fully AppleScriptable application, MacSQL provides web
authors, publishers, and developers with a simple, graphical way to
interact with SQL databases. Version 2.1 is a free update to MacSQL 2.0,
released in August 2001.

Included are native drivers for MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Frontbase,
PostgreSQL (Mac OS X only), ODBC (with the Merant ODBC Driver Manager
installed on Mac OS 9), and Oracle (on Mac OS X via JDBC, on Mac OS 9 with
the native SQL*Net drivers installed).

MacSQL 2.1 includes many new and upgraded features from MacSQL 2.0:

* Select queries now run asynchronously on Mac OS X, make use
of multiple processors.
* Schema Viewer completely rewritten for Aqua compliance,
columns are now resizable and sortable, allows dropping of Indexes.
* Export engine completely rewritten, scriptable and
* Use MacSQL as a service (on Mac OS X) to place query results
into Microsoft Office X or BBEdit 6.5.
* Now includes support for Frontbase, PostgreSQL (Mac OS X
only), and native Oracle on Mac OS 9.
* One click exports from the Query panel.
* Expanded support for editing of query results.
* Many minor improvements to provide enhanced scripting.
* New preferences for expanded customization.
* Recent documents appear in Dock menu (on Mac OS X).
* Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements.

These upgrades are enhancements to the existing MacSQL feature set:

* Ability to connect to MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and ODBC
database servers.
* Runs natively on Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.
* Spreadsheet-like viewing/editing of remote data.
* Web Script Assistant that will generate PHP or Embeded Perl
to interact with a database.
* Complete AppleScript support including recordability and the
ability to save frequently used queries as scripts for later execution.
* Create Table Tool to help visually design tables.
* Multi-panel display of schema including databases, tables,
columns, and indices.
* Ability to export data as SQL commands, tab-delimited text,
comma separated text, or directly to Microsoft Excel.
* Import of SQL files and data in CSV or Tab-delimited text
* Recent documents for easy access to frequently used

MacSQL is commercial software, and costs US$249 to purchase. A Lite version
is available for US$99. A demo version, which expires after 10 days, is
also available.

MacSQL 2.1 requires a PowerPC computer running Mac OS X or MacOS 9.x with
CarbonLib 1.3.1 or greater installed. ODBC support requires the Merant ODBC
Driver Manager. Oracle support requires the Oracle JDBC for Java 2.

Where to Download

MacSQL 2.1 and MacSQL 2.1 Lite can be purchased and downloaded at
( The demo version can be downloaded at

Current MacSQL 2.0 license holders can upgrade to 2.1 at no cost by
downloading the latest version and utlizing their current serial number.

Previously registered MacSQL (prior to 2.0) users can upgrade to 2.1 at
discounted prices.

About Runtime Labs

Runtime Labs is a small, highly skilled software development shop
established in July 2000. Runtime Labs develops innovative software
products while providing its developers with the best possible environment
to explore their creativity. MacSQL 2.0 is the company’s first commercial
product release, having previously released numerous freeware and shareware

Runtime Labs, Inc.
Creators of MacSQL – the premier
application for talking to SQL databases
from the Macintosh.

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