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CopyPaste-X for Mac OS X

Script Software Announces the Release of CopyPaste-X for Mac OS X

The Original Multiple Clipboard Utility is Better then Ever for Mac OS X

CopyPaste-X can be downloaded from:

Version 1.0 features

– Clipboard Extender lets you see/use 10 clipboards that are easily
accessible via key command (command c and any number 0-9), drag and
drop and menu command.
– Clipboard Recorder lets you see/use the last 10 clipboards copied to
with a regular copy. It acts a stack and keeps a record of your last 10
– Clipboard Editor allows editing any clipboard with styled text.
Open and edit any text file. Double click any clipboard to open the
– Special fuzzy find function lets you find words even if you don’t know
how to spell them.
– Many other features and many more to come soon.

About CopyPaste-X: Media-hub for Desktop Integration

Once upon a time operating systems had no interapplication communication.
Then along came the Mac and one of its incredible features was the clipboard
which allowed you to copy an item from one application then open another and
paste it there. That was revolutionary in 1985 but now it is the next
century and copying and pasting has not evolved any further. How many times
have you found yourself switching back and forth between applications
copying one item at a time, wishing that you could copy not just one but two
or more items at a time?

Now with CopyPaste-X you can do this with ease! Multiple clipboards are now
accessible via menu command, keyboard (command C and a number between 0-9)
or drag and drop. The previous copy ability and the single clipboard of the
past is still available but now instead of just one clipboard you have 10.

CopyPaste-X is the media-hub that combines the three major Mac integration
technologies the clipboard, drag&drop and files in one application. It
transparently accepts and provides the data in the most suitable form to use
within and between other applications.

The original built in Macintosh clipboard can only copy one item at a time,
the item copied is forgotten at shutdown, the clipboard(s) are not
displayed, each copy is not remembered in a stack, drag and drop to the
clipboard is impossible, the clipboard is not editable. It was a great
innovation in that more primitive time but is now antiquated. CopyPaste-X is
a natural software evolution which augments the original clipboard with
supernormal clipboard abilities.

We call the 3 main features of CopyPaste-X
1. Clipboard Extender
10 clipboards, easily accessed via palette, drag & drop, Dock-menu or
keyboard (command C and a number between 0-9).
2. Clipboard Recorder
Remembers the last 10 clips copied via the standard command C
3. Clipboard Editor
Edit the clipboard contents. Open and edit any text file.
Double-click any clipboard to open the editor.

Each clipboard can be remembered through restarts. CopyPaste-X is the
clipboard the way it should be and is hundreds of times more useful.

CopyPaste-X also has many other features that help eliminate tedious,
repetitive work and increase your ability to get the job done. Work faster
and enjoy the time spent with your computer more by using CopyPaste-X.

Why is CopyPaste-X Needed? For Starters Because Its 4 Times Faster

The main reason is to make life simpler and allow you to be more
productive. Copying items with only one clipboard is a lot slower then
copying with 10. We timed how long it takes to copy an item in one
application and then switch to another application then paste then back
again to the first application and repeat that 9 more times. It takes
around a minute whereas using CopyPaste copying and pasting 10 items in
another application took less then 15 seconds. It may not sound like much
but when you are doing an operation like that many times a day every week
of the year and it adds up. That is why so many users rave about this
simple utility. Saving time is what using a computer is all about.

Another good reason to use CopyPaste-X is to have your clipboards saved
through restarts. The regular Mac clibpboard loses its contents at
shutdown. CopyPaste keeps each of its clipboards and this has been
found to be incredibly useful for maintaing an archive of often used
boilerplate text. Another great time saver for editors, publishers, web
masters, writers and many others.

With CopyPaste-X you can copy in one application, double-click
that clipboard to edit it in clipboard editor then switch to another
application and paste again saving time and energy by using CopyPaste-X
as a media-hub. And there are many other reasons to enjoy CopyPaste-X.

History of the Clipboard

CopyPaste is beginning to have a long and distinguished history. It was
first released back in the last century as a utility for the Mac created
by Peter Hoerster. Since 1995 it has been updated many times but the popular
core features have not changed and those are all found in the new
CopyPaste-X version. CopyPaste evolved for years based on the feedback
of its users and the vision of its creators.

We asked Bruce Horn for some points about the history of the clipboard in
computer science. His reply is below.

“The idea of cut/paste existed in Smalltalk (as did all of the
modeless editing concepts), but the visible clipboard was created by Apple.
I don’t exactly know who thought of showing the contents of the last thing
cut; that came out of the Lisa group, so maybe Larry Tesler would know.
Tesler was also the originator of modeless text editing at PARC with his
Gypsy editor, which then came to the Smalltalk system. The idea of multiple
different but simultaneous types on the clipboard was my idea (e.g. text +
pict for example) and used the four-byte resource type, and was first done
on the Mac. I think either Andy H. or Steve Capps actually wrote the code
for the clipboard (i.e. the scrap manager) on the Mac.”
Bruce Horn

Bruce. Horn is definitely the one to ask about the history of the clipboard
because he is one of the original creators of the Apple Macintosh. He was
responsible for the design and implementation of the Finder, Resource
Manager, Dialog Manager, the type/creator mechanism for files and
applications, and the multitype clipboard design, among other architectural
innovations in the Macintosh OS.

Besides his work at Apple Bruce worked with Eloquent, Inc.; Adobe Systems,
Inc.; Maya Design Group; the Institute for Industrial Research in Oslo,
Norway; and at the age of 16 at the Learning Research Group at the Xerox
Palo Alto Research Center.

If anyone has any additional points or clarifications about the history of
the clipboard please write and tell us. We are very interested.

What CopyPaste Users are Saying

CopyPaste is definitely a must-have utility. I wouldn’t consider switching
to X without CopyPaste.
Jaddie Dodd

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’ve used CopyPaste for several
years. It is bullet proof. It’s always there; it never fails. It just keeps
getting better. In the clipboard business, there is nothing to compare.
CopyPaste is the ultimate solution!”
John Engberg

THANK YOU. You customer service is superb. Paul
Paul Michael

CopyPaste is the best piece of software I have ever used. When I use
another computer I realize why and cannot understand anyone not using it.
Albie Cunningham

I have enjoyed copypaste a great deal over the last year or more, and now it
is even better. It has been worth many times the $20 you charge for it.
Bill Echo

Copypaste is not only a wonderful, useful product, AND your customer support
in regard to upgrades is better then *any* other software Co. I have ever
had dealings with. You should be proud (and well rewarded)! Thank You.
Larry Freilich

Julian I have been using your product for a while now and all I can say is
“super” it saves time and effort as well makes editing of documents a joy…
keep up the good work.
Carole Blatchley

Just had to write and tell you how pleased I am to have CopyPaste. It is BY
FAR the most useful utility I have and it is being used constantly. I
haven’t even begun to explore and use it’s full potential but as for money
well spent, CopyPaste is a terrific value. I will tell every online friend
about it. Wishing you and Peter continued success.
John Bilakovics

Thanks for your continual updates. Your creation continues to be the single
most useful software solution on my system.
Randy Weber

CopyPaste was the best shareware money that I ever spent.
Phil Knobel

Just a note to let you know that CopyPaste is far and away the most useful
and productive utility that I use on a daily basis. What a great product.
Congratulations on your latest version, and thanks again for the effort you
put into your brainchild. Best personal regards,
Ray Hoy, Publisher The Fiction Works

Muchas Gracias – I like supporting great software like this. This kind of
customer service makes it even more of a pleasure.
Earl Davis – Moonshadow Learning Services, Inc.


Distributing CopyPaste-X

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