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Z-Write, For Creative Writers

* * * For Immediate Release * * *

December 7, 2001

SCOTTS VALLEY, CALIF. — Stone Table Software announces an upcoming price
increase for Z-Write, their top-rated Mac OS organizational word processor
for creative writers.

The new $29 price goes into effect January 15, 2002, making the current $20
price a terrific deal for the holidays. Trial version users are encouraged
to purchase a license before January 15.

The new pricing has no effect on current Z-Write users. Minor upgrades to
Z-Write have always been free and will continue to be free.

“Z-Write is an incredible value,” explained STS President Marc Zeedar.
“We’ve been selling it for $20 since it was launched in May 2000, and we’ve
released several free upgrades that have added hundreds of new features
with no increase in cost. But with other writer-oriented tools selling for
ten times as much, we’ve decided to bring Z-Write’s pricing closer to where
it should be.”

Stone Table Software is committed to Z-Write, with a Mac OS X version
currently in beta-testing and a Windows version scheduled for late next

“We have several releases planned for 2002,” added Zeedar. “This price
increase is part of our increased emphasis on the software. I’m excited
about what’s coming.”

Z-Write is the world’s first “non-linear” word processor: it is uniquely
designed to help writers organize large writing projects. The software was
reviewed by MacUser UK, which gave Z-Write a top rating of 4.5 mice, and
MacHome Journal, which awarded it 4.5 apples.

Fully functional trial versions of Z-Write may be downloaded from the STS


* More About Z-Write *

Z-Write is the world’s first non-linear word processor. Instead of the
nightmare of managing hundreds of separate word processing files of notes,
ideas, chapters, revisions, character bios, bibliography information,
quotations, website locations, etc., Z-Write allows the writer to store
unlimited documents in a single file!

With support for unlimited Sections of information, Z-Write makes finding
and organizing the disparate snippets of text associated with large writing
projects a snap. Users are free to organize information any way they want.
Move, combine, and print out just the Sections needed. Manage multiple
versions of chapters, export a completed book as linked HTML files or Rich
Text Format, even view multiple Sections at the same time.

Unlike a personal information manager (PIM), Z-Write is real word
processor, designed for handling huge novels and complicated research
projects. Unlike “idea managers,” Z-Write knows that ultimately your
Sections need to be combined to create a uniform piece of writing.

Z-Write eschews the bloat of many of today’s word processors, offering
simplicity and elegance. Streamlined for writing, it stays out of your way
so you can actually get work done.

* Key Features *

* Unique non-linear writing system
* Simple — learn to use it in seconds
* Convenient — Z-Write remembers cursor location, text
selection, window position and size, and last document edited
* Customizable — extensive preference settings
* Style sheets for instantly formatting text
* Electronic Bookmarks — memorize locations in a document for
instant access
* Glossary — quickly insert memorized snippets of text
* View Windows — browse multiple Sections simultaneously
* Quickly imports an entire folder of text documents into a
single Z-Write document, ready for editing
* Export to text, HTML, RTF, and Palm DOC formats
* Hypertext links between Sections
* A feature to insert one Section inside another upon export
or printing
* Text conversion features — handy for formatting e-mails or
text brought from a PC
* Print Preview
* Flexible print headers and footers
* Recent files menu
* Auto-Save and Auto-Backup
* Hot Help — point at buttons to learn what they do
* Fully Mac OS “buzzword” compliant (supporting drag-and-drop, etc.)
* 36-page User’s Guide in PDF format
* Affordable — low price makes Z-Write the ideal addition to any
writer’s toolkit

* Awards and Recognition *

Z-Write has received praise from writers and publications worldwide.

In April 2001, MacUser magazine awarded Z-Write 4.5 mice and wrote,
“…for the creative writer, it’s the most sophisticated solution yet.”

In their Sept. 2000 review _MacHome Journal_ wrote “Z-Write is so
powerful you may never tackle another writing project without it,” and
gave Z-Write an incredible rating of 4.5 “apples” (five is the max).

Z-Write was one of four programs highlighted on the July _MacAddict_ CD,
and has been distributed with magazines in Europe and the U.K.

The Tucows website rated Z-Write with “5 Cows” and gave
Z-Write “4 stars and a bullet.” Users have consistently given Z-Write 4
or more stars on

* What Users Are Saying *

Where have you been all my life! I can’t tell you how much
my work has been set back by exactly the sort of text-
management problems you describe… particularly since fiction,
at least for me, comes from an extremely non-linear place.
This truly is a wonderful find.
— C.S.

From my dabblings in fiction, to outlining my next computer
book or magazine article, Z-Write will help me better organize
and present my material in an environment that works the way
I do. Tools like this make it easier for the writer to put
words to page, and after all, that’s what it’s all about.
And the $20 price tag can’t be beat — more than fair for
such a swift, speedy, and powerful application.
–Alan S. Golub
Author, Sams Teach Yourself WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux
Macs To Go Columnist, MacHome Magazine

Great Job! This is the coolest piece of software I
have ever downloaded off the web!
–Joel David Berry

I especially like the clean, uncluttered interface and the
provision of the right features but not too many of them.
— Ian Greig

Thank you for Z-Write. At 20 bucks, it is the Bargain
of the Universe.
— Edward Rashed

This is such a perfectly designed tool — it perfectly
fits the way that I write and makes my creative projects
infinitely better organized. Thanks!
— Corey Reid

You’ve hit the nail on the head with Z-Write. This program
is destined for greatness when designers find out how easily
it organizes project notes.
— Chuck Dahmer

* Cost, Availability, and System Requirements *

Z-Write costs U.S. $20 for an individual license and is available for
purchase and download from the Stone Table Software website. Z-Write may
be previewed for free with no limitations for two weeks. After 30 days
without registering, Z-Write reverts to a demonstration version.


Z-Write requires a Power Macintosh running System 7.5 or better, 10MB of
free memory, and QuickTime (any version).

* About Stone Table Software *

Stone Table Software was founded by Marc Zeedar, a graphic designer,
freelance writer, and Mac enthusiast, with the idea of creating simple,
innovative, useful tools that follow the Macintosh Way. The company
released their first product, the popular freeware graphics utility
ScanCalc, in 1996. In May 2000 STS released their flagship product,
Z-Write, a word processor for creative writers with several unique and
innovative features. Z-Write is garnering praise and sighs of relief from
writers around the globe. In addition to Mac programming, Marc is a
columnist for, runs a graphic design studio, and is
actively writing two novels. Stone Table Software is based in Northern
California, where Marc lives with his cats, Mischief and Mayhem.

* Contact information *

E-mail: (
World Wide Web: (
Snail Mail: P.O. Box 66831, Scotts Valley, CA 95067

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