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Tenon’s iTools 6.5 Now Shipping

Aqua Apache: Tenon’s iTools 6.5 Now Shipping
New iTools Manager Makes Apache Easy

Santa Barbara, CA, December 3, 2001. Tenon Intersystems announced today a
new version of its Apache administration tools. Tenon’s web server tool
suite, iTools 6.5 for Mac OS X 10.1 and Mac OS X Server 10.1, has been
extended by an Aqua GUI that enables webmasters to set up and configure
Apache directly on Apple’s Aqua desktop. Tenon’s iTools Manager makes
difficult tasks easy and Apple’s Aqua makes it pretty. The new GUI
co-exists with Tenon’s secure, remote, browser-based administration,
enabling webmasters to seamlessly switch between desktop management and
anytime, anywhere browser-based control.

The Aqua Apache administration tools provide configuration, not only for
Apache, but also for DNS, FTP and mail. Tenon’s iTools can be used with Mac
OS X 10.1 ‘client’ or with Mac OS X Server 10.1. Both the new Aqua GUI and
the award-wining browser-based tools give webmasters more than just ON and
OFF buttons, but instead provide total web site control, extending the
webmaster’s reach to a level that far exceeds what is available even with
Apple’s new OS X Server. The combination of Apple’s new powerful OS,
Apache’s strength and breadth, and Tenon’s iTools for ease of
administration, makes Apple’s new platform one of the best choices for web
service in the world.

The new iTools Manager lets webmasters set up virtual hosts, create URL
Aliases and Redirects, create self-signed SSL certificates and SSL
certificate requests, create realm-based, host-based, and cipher-based
Access Controls, and perform a myriad of other tasks. No need for Macintosh
webmasters to “learn” Apache; they can just use the knowledge they have
from years of being a Mac OS webmaster and Tenon’s technology will
translate their mouse clicks and table entries into terms that Apache can

Tenon’s iTools includes SSL for secure eCommerce transactions, FastCGI and
mod_Perl for top CGI performance, an integrated, state-of-the-art caching
proxy server that augments Apache’s built-in proxy services, integrated
domain name services, integrated multidomain ftp services, integrated
logging, a high-performance Sherlock-savvy search engine. Also included is
support for Java servlets and Java Server Pages with Tomcat, support for
Active Server Pages with Halcyon’s iASP, and mod_dav to support the
transition from a read-only web to a collaborative, writable web via WebDAV
clients. In addition, a powerful WEBmail tool turns Mac OS X into a
complete POP3 and IMAP4 mail server and a fully customizable, anytime,
anywhere ‘hotmail’ style mail client.

Tenon’s iTools 6.5 is a free upgrade for all iTools 6.0 customers. For new
customers, the price is $399, $299 (educational and sidegrades from
WebSTAR), and $99 (upgrade from iTools 5.0).

Founded in 1989, Tenon Intersystems is a leader in high-performance
networking. Apple’s OS X, coupled with the new G4 processors and Tenon’s
iTools, provides the foundation for world-class content delivery. Tenon
Intersystems can be reached in the U.S. at 805-963-6983, by the internet at, or via the web at

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