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Online-Timer 1.0 Released

December 2, 2001 – Monkeybread Software Releases Online-Timer 1.0!

Do you pay for the internet by the minute? Was your last telephone bill
monstrous? Do you wish you could calculate how much that all that internet
surfing will cost you? This and much more is possible with Online-Timer! It
records every time you go online and for how long you were online. Then
using the preset preferences it will calculate the cost of your online
time. Additionally, you can set an online limit so that Online-Timer can
tell you when your approaching your limit. Not only that, but Online-Timer
is perfect for comparing Internet Providers and for keeping track of
internet usage.

=EF Export as Excel spreadsheets
=EF Support for different currencies
=EF A handy new Control Strip Module (Classic Only)
=EF A simple and advanced display for viewing your internet usage history
=EF Allows you to setup internet pricing per hour. Useful if pricing is
different during different parts of the day.

Download a free demo:
68k version available on request.

Or visit the Online-Timer website:

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