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digital.forest merges with Infoasis

digital.forest, a leading Internet hosting and co-location company based in
Seattle, WA, is excited to announce the acquisition of the Internet
business of Infoasis, a San Francisco Bay Area-based Macintosh-centric
Internet Service Provider.

Infoasis and digital.forest teamed up because the companies have
identical cultures and similar histories, and roots firmly in the Macintosh

Founded in 1994, digital.forest pioneered online hosting of
FileMaker Pro databases, and has grown to be the largest Macintosh hosting
and colocation facility on the Internet. digital.forest operates two
state-of-the-art data centers, one in Seattle, WA, the other in Vancouver,

Infoasis, founded in 1992, began as a Macintosh consulting
partnership and expanded into the Internet services and FileMaker database
development businesses in response to evolving technology and customer

This merger will allow digital.forest to provide Infoasis’s
Internet customers with:

* expanded support hours and staff
* improved hosting, co-location and streaming video services
* improved multi-platform support
* faster Internet backbone connections with greater redundancy

Infoasis will continue to offer it’s Macintosh consulting and
FileMaker development services under the Infoasis brand, while it’s
Internet access, hosting and co-location services will come under the
digital.forest brand.

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