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Recosoft Announces VEM: Document Converter, Import/export for OEMs

For Immediate Release

November 20 2001

Recosoft Corporation announces VEM, the document file format converter and
import/export solution kit for OEMs.

Recosoft Corporation of Osaka, Japan, today announced VEM, the cross
platform document file format converter and import/export solution kit for
use by OEMs. VEM forms the foundation of the technology used by VINC,
Recosoft’s document file converter and viewer application. By incorporating
VEM into their products, companies can implement import and export of
several different document file formats, such as MSWord, RTF, Appleworks,
MacWrite II, HTML and EGWord. VEM supports English, as well as European
language(s), Japanese, Chinese, and Korean versions of many of the file
formats. Both Mac Classic and Carbon versions of VEM are available for
immediately for use by OEMs.

VEM currently supports over 50 wordprocessing file format types and is
being extended to other file formats such as spreadsheet, database,
presentation, CAD/CAM, and other custom file formats. Using VEM,
applications can import and export not only the text of the file, but also
the styles, paragraph formats, headers, footers, sections, tables, and
embedded graphics!

VEM is completely cross platform and supports the Macintosh, Windows, and
Linux platforms. VEM is not just limited to these platforms; VEM can be
migrated to different platforms as required.

VEM is based on a robust plug-in technology. RecoSoft has created a
self-contained OEM kit along with the converter plug-ins that OEMs may
readily license and use as required. The OEM kit also comes with
comprehensive documentation describing the VEM API set. Using the VEM
API’s, OEMs can support the features of VEM in a matter of a few days!

Contact to obtain licensing details and an OEM
evaluation kit.

Supported Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows 98/ME
Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP
Macintosh OS 7.6.1 – OS9.x
Macintosh OS 10.1 –

Supported Languages
English, European Languages, Japanese, Chinese, Korean

About Recosoft Corporation
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