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Text Wielder Public Beta: Mac OS X Custom Services

POWAY, CALIFORNIA – November 20, 2001 – Tinnef Software Announces the
Release of the First Public Beta of Text Wielder – a Text Processing
Application which provides Custom Services on Mac OS X.

Text Wielder is a text processing application which can be used to create
and provide custom services via the Mac OS X service menu. Services can be
used to process text, generate and open URLs, generate and execute
Applescripts, display processed text in a dialog box, or create new text
files. The Text Wielder service menu can be edited using the built-in
Service Manager which allows users to add, rename, and remove services from
the service menu. Text Wielder comes with over 120 services and users can
create their own using SFRL(Simple Find and Replace Language)*, a new
technology made specifically for Text Wielder.

Some of the included services are:
Search at
Search the Internet with Sherlock
Clean up an Email
Get a Map for a Zipcode or City
Track a Fedex/UPS/USPS Package on the web
Lookup a Stock Quote
Execute a Unix command
Convert to Smart Quotes
Convert Line Endings(Mac, UNIX, Win)
Open a Path in the Finder
Generate an HTML Gradient
Word Translation – English to French
Many more

Text Wielder allows users to create SFRL scripts which can be used both as
services or directly in the built-in text editor. SFRL uses a modified
regular expression syntax to define text input and processes output using a
JavaServer Page(JSP)**. This combination of regular expressions and JSPs
makes SFRL an extremely powerful text processing language with access to
the full Java API and Cocoa API.

*SFRL and Text Wielder are trademarks of Tinnef Software
**JavaServer Pages and JSP are trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

Text Wielder homepage:
Tinnef Software homepage:

Eric Blenkush
Tinnef Software

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