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Mumbo Jumbo closes CA office; Mac Myth III work continues

Over the weekend, GameSpot reported that Mumbo Jumbo, the game development studio that created the real-time strategy game Myth III: The Wolf Age, had laid off the Myth III development team as part of its plan to close its Irvine, CA office and consolidate operations at its Dallas, TX headquarters. According to Run Dumant, CEO of parent company United Developers, the development team was laid off because it had no other projects lined up. Bill Heineman and Chris Jacobson, two of the company’s top Mac programmers, have returned to work under the mantra of Contraband Entertainment and will be completing the OS 8/9 and Mac OS X version of Myth III: The Wolf Age. Heineman and Jacobson are also being used to port other titles for Mac game publisher MacPlay.

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