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Happy Mik for MacOS: PageMill Patch

JAW software ships Happy Mik for MacOS

GENOA, November 10, 2001

JAW software announced today the availability of Happy Mik, a patcher for
the Adobe PageMill 3 Application.

Adobe PageMill 3, bundled with lots of iMacs in the past times, does not
work with Mac OS 8.5 and later, due to an incompatibility with Navigation
Libraries (found in all more recent OSs). Happy Mik patches PageMill 3.0 so
it does not try to use Navigation Libraries anymore.

You can download it from the JAW software web site:

The software is available for free download, and is freeware (oh, well, a
thank-you postcard would be appreciated 🙂 )

JAW software develops consumer software for Mac OS and OS X and custom
business software, using C, C++ and REALbasic.

JAW Software – by Walter Ferlazzo
Hardware & Software developing for the Apple community
Established 1986

web site:

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