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iPod Free File Access

For immediate release:

— Product:
iPod Free File Access

— Version:

— Platform:
Mac OS 9.x

— Short Description:
Let you access the hidden music folder on the iPod.

— Long Description:
With iPod Free File Access (iPFFA, that sounds good 😉 you can easiely
access the music folder on the iPod disk created by iTunes 2.

Just drag the iPod disk onto iPFFA, the music folder will be visible and
opens automatically for quick & easy access. After dragging the iPod disk
onto iPFFA it knows the disk name and from now you can make the folder
visible just by launching iPFFA (handy in the Apple menu).

— Links:
Download: ipodfreefileaccess100

— License:
Good-guy-ware. Do a good thing to the person which is next to you right now.

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