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SnapMail 3.1

Press Release
Acton, Massachusetts Monday, November 5, 2001

Just Released, SnapMail 3.1 from Glass Bead Software

SnapMail 3.1 has all the benefits of messaging, and file transfer but now
it has all the bells and whistles that SnapTalk 2.0=EDs chat brought to the
market. The biggest changes include the ability to archive chat
conversations, and additional Quick-Replies for responses with the touch of
a mouse. A full list of upgrade features are listed below. This upgrade is
free to all previous SnapMail 3.0 users.

Version 3.1- November 1, 2001
– You can now save a transcript of the SnapTalk window.
– There are now additional Quick-Replies in the SnapTalk alert box.
– You can now use styled text in SnapTalk
– There is a new preference to delete sent mail after a user specified
period of time.
– Fixed bug in spell-checker that caused cursor to move to beginning of
text in outbox when there were no misspellings.
– Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when sending messages to large
numbers of Internet addresses
– Fixed a bug where if you return to the Text Styles preferences pane, the
color setting buttons are gone.
– Fixed a bug where mail could be delayed if you re-launch after a crash
without rebooting the computer.
– Fixed a scrolling bug when changing text styles
– Fixed a bug where all internet addresses are deleted if the InterSnap
server is moved to a different computer.

About Glass Bead Software maker of SnapTalk and SnapMail:
Glass Bead Software, founded in 1992, is dedicated to making the best
Macintosh software for enhancing office communication and productivity. For
more information: 978-263-9956 or

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