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Keyspan Ships Mac OS X drivers for USB Serial Adapters

Keyspan Ships Mac OS X drivers for USB Serial Adapters

Richmond, Calif— November 1, 2001— Keyspan, announced is now shipping
Mac OS X drivers for its family of USB serial adapters. Keyspan is rated
the #1 USB Connectivity vendor in the United States as ranked by PC Data
for the year 2000 and again for the first six months of 2001.

The drivers support Keyspan’s family of Twin Serial Adapters, its PDA
adapter and High-Speed USB adapter for 9-pin serial devices. Keyspan also
announced that drivers for its SX Pro PCI serial card and its Digital Media
Remote would be available before the end of 4Q.

Keyspan USB Serial adapters are widely used in the Macintosh community to
connect USB-based Macs to serial devices such as digital cameras, Palm
Pilots, GPS units, mobile phones, printers, graphics tablets, modems,
handheld scanners, point of sale equipment, and various types of medical,
scientific, and manufacturing instrumentation.

The drivers are available now on install CDs shipped from Keyspan and are
available now for download at

“Some USB connectivity vendors have chosen not to support Mac OS X,” notes
Mike Ridenhour, president of Keyspan. “In contrast, since day one, Keyspan
has supported USB on the Mac platform and the Macintosh community can count
on us to continue to support Mac OS X.”

About Keyspan
Keyspan products provide “Connections for Your Computer.” The company’s
first products provided serial ports for connecting to traditional computer
peripherals such as modems, printers and graphics tablets. Over time,
Keyspan has expanded its horizons, connecting the Macintosh and PC to the
other items found in the home, school and office.

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